Which Black Rifle Coffee Has The Most Caffeine

Black Rifle Coffee Company roasts and blends gourmet coffee beans in the service of American culture and its citizens. With a wide range of roasts and flavors to choose from, which Black Rifle coffee has the most caffeine?

When I first moved to New York five years ago, I was fascinated by the teeming energy you can only experience in this city that never sleeps. The constant rush and tension flowing through the city made me feel alive, but the daily dose of CAF (Medium Roast) coffee kicked up my adrenaline and motivated me to enjoy the ride.

Black Rifle Coffee Company states that CAF (Medium Roast) coffee is their most caffeinated coffee. If you’ve been powering through your days since you tasted this flavorful brand of coffee, then you agree with the above estimation. If you’ve just found out about the strongest Black Rifle coffee and would like to learn more, keep reading to find out!

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How much caffeine is in Black Rifle’s strongest coffee?

An 8-ounce cup of coffee has an average caffeine content of 95mg. CAF (Medium Roast) coffee delivers twice this caffeine content to a consumer; hence it has an average caffeine content of 190mg. Made from 100% Columbian Excelso beans, this medium-roasted coffee lives up to its name; CAF is the short form for Caffeinated AF.

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What roast level is Black Rifle’s strongest coffee?

Which Black Rifle coffee has the most caffeine
Dark roast coffee. Image source: Pixabay

Black Rifle’s CAF is medium roast level. The coffee beans roast until they attain internal temperatures of 400-430 degrees Fahrenheit. As they heat up beyond the first crack, they discharge some natural oils and lose the acidity characteristic of light roast coffees.

This roast level brings out a rich, smoky flavor of maple syrup, milk chocolate, and cloves. The medium roast coffee pods are compatible with Keurig 1.0 and 2.0.

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How much Black Rifle’s strongest coffee is it safe to drink?

According to the FDA, an adult can consume a maximum of 400 mg of caffeine daily without risking his health. This amounts to four or five cups of coffee. Since CAF (Medium Roast) coffee has twice as much caffeine content as an average cup of coffee, it would be safe to drink two cups in a day.

However, certain conditions and medications make people more sensitive to the effects of caffeine. For example, during pregnancy or breastfeeding. If you’re uncertain about the effects caffeine might have on your health or medication, consult your healthcare provider on the appropriate amount of caffeine for you to consume.

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Where can I buy Black Rifle’s strongest coffee?

You can buy Black Rifle’s strongest coffee from a retail store near you, the company’s official website, or online retail stores like Amazon and Walmart.

How much is Black Rifle’s strongest coffee?

1 bag of 12-ounce CAF (Medium Roast) coffee is $13.59. It is also available in boxes of 12, 32, and 50 coffee rounds at $11.39, $27.99, and $39.99, respectively. This price can change depending on the place of purchase.

Is the price for Black Rifle’s strongest coffee worth it?

Absolutely. Black Rifle Coffee Company presents you with high-quality coffee guaranteed to power your day and an opportunity to support American heroes.