Where Can I Grind My Coffee Beans For Free

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When you first venture into the world of coffee, buying equipment can become expensive fast. And for some items, it can literally take months of saving. So if you haven’t yet splurged on a good quality burr grinder, don’t worry.

There are plenty of places where you can go and grind your coffee beans for free, as long as you are okay with commuting to a location near you once a week!

So, if you don’t own a coffee grinder yet, stick around because this article is for you.

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Where Can I Grind My Coffee Beans?

You might be in luck if you’re looking for somewhere near you to ground your coffee beans for free. Most big-brand coffee shops will provide a free grinding service, but the caveat is they will do so only for whole coffee beans purchased from their store.

On the flip side, supermarket chains offer the service with no questions asked, and if you’re lucky, you can find a coffee grinder station you can actually use yourself without anyone peering over your shoulder.

Below I have listed some popular places that are likely to be near you, so you can jump in your car right now and grind your coffee beans locally.


Grinding your coffee for free couldn’t be any easier than popping into your local Starbucks. But there is a catch. Most outlets will only grind coffee beans purchased from their store. Bummer!

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Here’s why. When you grind coffee beans there will always be some remnants left behind in the grinding mechanism, which can taint other coffee beans being ground later on.

As you can imagine, Starbucks doesn’t want to compromise their beverages’ quality and consistent flavor with some low-grade coffee bought from Walmart!

But I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s a little sneaky but worth a try if you’re in a pinch.

Buy a bag of coffee from their store and avail yourself of their free grinding coffee beans service. However, once the bag is empty, keep it, and when you need to grind other coffee beans you have purchased elsewhere, fill it and head back and ask for those to be ground.

But with that said, if you get to know your local Starbucks crew, they will grind your coffee beans if you pop in just before closing right before they clean the coffee grinder.

Trader Joe’s

Another option is to use the free coffee grinding service offered by Trader Joe’s. Surprisingly they provide a good range of premium fresh coffees from around the world, and you can use their grinder in the store free of charge.

However, I recommend taking a small amount of old coffee beans with you, which you can run through the grinder first to flush out and remove any old stale grounds stuck in the machine.


Costco is another excellent option to grind your coffee beans for free. Most stores have a grinder set up close to the coffee aisle. Just choose from their vast selection of coffee, run it through the grinder straight back into the same bag, and head to the checkout.

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These coffee grinding stations are usually uncrewed by staff. Still, instructions are typically printed close by to help set up the grinder to your preference and preferred grind size.

Nevertheless, if you need help with the ins and outs of the grinder or want some assistance, I have found that most employees are more than helpful.

Unlike Starbucks and other retail stores, you can walk into Costco with any brand of whole coffee beans and avail of their grinding service free of charge; but buy something first. It’s only polite.


If you’re struggling to find a Costco or Trader Joe’s nearby, chances are you’ll have a Walmart in close proximity. They typically have a good range of coffees, and almost all stores have a coffee grinder in the aisle.

If you can’t find one, reach out to one of the Walmart employees; chances are that the delicatessen or bakery will have one.

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is another great option, though their store locations are limited. Some Whole Foods locations may offer a complimentary coffee bean grinding service, while others may charge a fee or not offer the service at all.

To find out if the Whole Foods location near you offers a free coffee bean grinding service, you can call the store or check their website for more information.

The store may also have a sign or notice near the coffee beans aisle indicating whether the service is offered and if a fee is associated.

Local Coffee Shops

Why not support your local coffee shops? Get to know the baristas. Many of the best local coffee shops will roast their coffee fresh onsite in small batches weekly.

I can almost guarantee that their whole-bean coffee will be far superior to anything you pick up in a retail store that’s been sitting on the shelves for months or, god forbid, years!

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From my experience, small-scale local coffee shops are more than willing to grind coffee for you, especially if you’re a regular. But best to go when they’re not busy; you want to avoid burdening the baristas with your request if there’s a long line of thirsty customers.

You may find that some will charge for the grinding service. It’s typically not an actual item on their cash register; instead, you have to buy coffee beans from them, and then they will coffee grind as per your request, yours and theirs for you.

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So there you have it. Finding a place near you to grind coffee beans isn’t that difficult; you just need to know where to look. Remember, many coffee shops and grocery stores may charge a fee for the service or may not offer it at all.

Whole Foods and Starbucks, two popular coffee retailers, only generally offer free coffee bean grinding services if you purchase their brand of coffee.

While some other retail stores, such as Walmart and Costco, will more than likely have grinders available for customers to use freely, you can set your grind size and adjust the coffee grind size settings to your liking for your particular brewing method or coffee maker at home (coarse grind, medium grind, or extra fine espresso grind).

Ultimately, the most reliable and cost-effective option for grinding coffee beans is to purchase a good burr coffee grinder for home use. By doing so, you can enjoy freshly ground coffee’s full flavor and aroma at any time without relying on external sources for grinding your beans.