What Can Be Used As A Coffee Filter

Picture this… You’re craving a good cup of coffee. You go to your coffee-making station and your heart leaps as you realize you still have some of your favorite coffee beans. This is going to be delicious!

You get out your pour over equipment and stop short. Aghast, you realize that you’re out of filters. What. The. Heck.Everything else is here! You’re just missing the flipping filter! Don’t throw your equipment around in a rage just yet (seriously, don’t. That stuff is expensive!). Instead, check out some of these great coffee filter substitutes!

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#1 Go West, Young Man… and Make Some Cowboy Coffee!

Ah, what’s more iconic than a cowboy? They don’t just come with a great vibe, they also come with a top-notch coffee style all their own!

The best part? You can make cowboy coffee without a filter. That’s right. Forget trying to jerry-rig something. Just cut the filter part out completely! Let those grounds settle, and enjoy some strong, delicious coffee.

If you’re not a fan of loose grounds in your coffee, though, (and we don’t blame you), then let’s move on to some other alternatives, shall we?

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#2 Get A Filter That Keeps On Giving

If you find those cowboy coffee grounds unbearable, yet you’re still rolling your eyes every time you need to buy more consumable filters, pick up a reusable metal coffee filter. Here’s a list of the best coffee filters we recommend.

Nevertheless, this is a very affordable option that will keep that coffee flowing from your Chemex. If the potential for a taste change doesn’t float your boat, though, you’re not out of options yet. You can still try… a sock!

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#3 The Coffee Sock

Got cold feet? Get a coffee sock (1)! Okay, it’s not really for your feet – and that’s a good thing if you don’t want your coffee tasting like corn chips (2)!

For real, though, this is a spectacular option that will never leave you without a filter again.Just add your coffee grounds to this sock-shaped filter, position it over your cup, pour the water, and before you know it, you’ve got some delicious coffee!

If you’re getting one, here’s a tip.

Once purchased, you won’t need to drop another dime on a coffee filter, either. What’s more? It’s eco-friendly! Let’s recap: Saves money. Saves the planet. Gets you coffee. Win. Win. WIN.

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#4 Make Your Own Filter

Finally, if you like the sock option but don’t want to buy one yourself, here’s an awesome DIY option (3) that allows you to get back on that coffee-brewing horse in five minutes. You heard us right: Five. Minutes.

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All you’ll need is a little bit of muslin (enough to cut a cone-shaped filter out of), scissors, and either a sewing machine or a needle and thread. The whole thing is quick and easy to make, and you’ll be saving yourself some green and helping the planet out in the process!

Don’t Let Your Coffee Equipment Strain Your Nerves

The next time you find yourself staring down an empty box of paper filters, remember this list of coffee filter substitutes.

From purchasing reusable metal and fabric filters to DIY fixes, or even just brewing your coffee like a cowboy, this list has options that are environmentally conscious, can help you save money, and can help satisfy that coffee craving any time of the day or night.Which is your favorite idea? Let us know below!