Wave Ice Cream And Coffee

From the swirl design in the floor to the chocolate bar counter, Wave Ice Cream and Coffee looks to bring something unique to Destin.

Wave opened May 22 in the strip area at 16055 Emerald Coast Parkway next to Walmart, and has been busy serving up sweets and coffee to the customers.

Wave is the creation of Andrew Blagodir of Moldova and Alex Tsyganov of Russia, although both have lived in Destin for more than 10 years.

Andrew Blagodir and Alex Tsyganov teamed up to make Wave Ice Cream and Coffee unique to Destin. The shop is located near Walmart and is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m.

The two actually have another location on a much smaller level with a shorter menu and no seating at HarborWalk Village.

“We opened it because we found a nice coffee in Costa Rica and wanted to bring something cool and different to Destin,” Blagodir said. “But we were always looking for something bigger … make a place for people to come and to be able to eat.”

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So when the space in the strip next to Walmart became available, they jumped on the place and turned it into something unique.

“It took us about six months to get it open,” Tsyganov said.

Everything about Wave Ice and Cream and Coffee is unique, from its colorful swirled floor to the Milka chocolate bar counter.

“But we like being close to the Walmart … here everybody is shopping at Walmart. In Destin, you go to Walmart at least once,” Blagodir said.

Folks are starting to see the place and stopping in.

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“Business has been good, locals are still finding out about us,” Blagodir said.

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And most everything is unique and different in the place.

“We just want to bring the design,” Tsyganov said.

The place has an airbrushed wall where folks can have fun taking selfies, as well as souvenir cups and Wave light bulbs for the boba tea.

Britney Ranger of Wave Ice Cream and Coffee serves up a boba tea to Dec Priest.

The flooring is a mixture of their favorite colors swirled, and the counter resembles a big Milka chocolate bar as if it was unwrapped.

As for the furniture, it’s all from Europe.

“Everything you see here is from Europe,” from the tables and chairs to the paintings on the wall, Blagodir said.

Not the coffee, though, It’s from Costa Rica.

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“When I first tried it in Costa Rica … we fall in love,” said Blagodir, who noted that they were there surfing. “Also, it was one of the dreams to open up with the ice cream place, with coffee and boba tea for the kids and families. That’s why we have inside seating and outside seating (to accommodate families).”

“Since we’ve had families … (we) started thinking about families more,” Tsyganov said.

As for the ice cream, they have Hershey brand.

“Everybody loves ice cream in the summertime,” Blagodir said.

The most popular flavors right now are cookies and cream, cotton candy and cappuccino crunch.

Wave Ice Cream and Coffee also offers acai bowls.

“As soon as I opened an ice cream shop, I stopped eating ice cream,” Blagodir said. “When I was a kid, I was dreaming to have a huge bucket of ice cream, but now I’m getting older.”

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He said his favorite item is the coffee.

For Tsyganov, his favorite at the shop is the desserts.

All the desserts are from Italy, including red velvet cake, cheese cake, carrot cake and Key lime cake. They have plans to add more.

Also on the menu is the acia bowl, which Blagodir said is “very healthy.”

Their signature Wave Bowl is made with raw organic Brazilian acai blended with banana, coconut milk, topped with banana, gluten free granola, strawberries, shaved coconut and blueberries.

They also have the boba tea, which is one of their most popular items on the menu.

They have more than 20 flavors listed on the boba menu, including mango, caramel, avocado, peach, passion fruit and chocolate.

Wave Ice Cream and Coffee has an airbrushed wall for those who want to take a selfie.

“We have different flavors of the bubbles as well,” Tsyganov said, noting they just couldn’t put them all on the board.

As for where the name of the shop came from, Blagodir said they were in Costa Rica with the coffee and surfing.

They liked the idea of a wave.

“We were on the same wave, the same vibe … so we chose the wave.”

Also, the business comes through the door in waves.

“Waves are better … you can work and then you can chill. And then you get another wave. Wave sounds good for us,” Blagodir said.

Wave is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and offers a 10% discount for locals.

“We are new to this business and still learning,” Tsyganov said. “But everything you see we designed ourselves, even the menu we do ourselves.”

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“This is our baby,” Blagodir added. “We hope to learn something from this season and improve to next season.”