Tv Stand Coffee Table Set

Welcome to Marmalade Cafe! In this article, we will explore an incredible Ikea Hack that will transform your living room furniture into a stylish and functional masterpiece. Annie from Champagne Chaos will guide us through the process of creating a coffee table, sideboard, and nightstands using Ikea components. So let’s dive in and discover how to elevate your living space without breaking the bank!

Tv Stand Coffee Table Set
Tv Stand Coffee Table Set

The Coffee Table: Simple and Stunning

Annie starts by explaining how the coffee table is the easiest furniture build in the room. She chose elegant fluted cabinet doors in a dark walnut shade as the base. To add storage, she found a convenient pull-out drawer from Amazon that perfectly fit the dimensions of the cabinet doors. After constructing the base, Annie attached the drawer to ensure easy access to the hinges before installing the top. The Butcher Block staining in dark walnut made it a match made in heaven. With the top securely attached, Annie used glue and screws to fix the cabinet doors in place, creating a functional and beautiful coffee table.

The Sideboard: A Kerf Bending Adventure

Moving on to the sideboard, Annie faces a more challenging but rewarding task. She combines the same cabinet doors with stock cabinets from Home Depot to achieve the desired depth and shape. To create the curved edges, Annie employs a technique called “kerf bending.” By making equally spaced cuts along the back of the wood and folding it, she achieves a stunning curved effect. Though the kerf bending calculator proved tricky, Annie persevered through trial and error to accomplish the desired outcome. She also added brackets and a frame to attach the curved cabinet pieces securely. The result is a stylish and functional sideboard that perfectly fits the space.

The Nightstands: A Perfect Blend of Style and Storage

Annie’s favorite piece is the nightstand set, which adds organization and aesthetics to the living room. She chooses Ikea nightstands that resemble real wood at an affordable price. To create a seamless look, she connects the nightstands using strips of trim. By overcoming challenges like gaps between the nightstands and finding the right materials, Annie successfully achieves a cohesive and solid look. She covers the top with peel and stick veneer for a polished appearance, using a decorative marble arch to ensure a smooth finish. With a touch of wood filler and sealing, the nightstands become a stunning centerpiece.

The overall cost of this Ikea Hack may seem high, but when compared to the price of the inspiration pieces, it is a tremendous savings. The coffee table, sideboard, and nightstands provide ample storage and enhance the size and functionality of the space. So why spend thousands when you can achieve the same look and quality for a fraction of the price?

To see more of Annie’s incredible projects and get inspired, visit Marmalade Cafe. Don’t forget to check out the cost breakdown of each piece in the video and unleash your creativity in transforming your living room with this amazing Ikea Hack!

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