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[spoiler title=’Click here to read the transcript. ‘ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]- Hey, welcome to Coffee Coffee Coffee, your place for Average Joe coffee reviews. And hey, today’s coffee is Joe Coffee. So Kayla, tell us about it. – All right, well, this is Joe Coffee, which is… – Joe Coffee. – We found it at HomeGoods, which we had never been to before. – HomeGoods. – And our, well, my brother-in-law, your brother, told us about it. It’s like a TJ Maxx… – Antfog1 – Offshoot, so this is just like cheap coffee. It is called Joe coffee. It’s made by Paramount coffee company, which is an employee-owned company in Lansing, Michigan. Kinda like on New in Town. – Yeah, the employees bought from the muckety-mucks. Its a good movie, check it out. – Yeah, it is a good movie. This brand is all about not being fancy. It’s just average Joe, for the average Joe. – Just like us. – Kinda like what we talk about, so, we paid $4.99 for this bag. So, that’s cheap. It’s a 12-ounce bag. – Right. – So really cheap, and this is the tall dark and handsome roast, which is the dark roast. So, Arabica beans, not much else to say about it. It’s just, like, average Joe coffee. – Yeah, and it looks like it’s in a brown paper bag. – Yeah, they’ve only got like four different roasts, this, you know, Joe coffee. Joe knows coffee is what they say, there you go. – Well let’s see if Joe does know coffee. Since we are, of course, the experts. – We are not experts. – We are average coffee experts. – We are just average Joes. I gotta say so, this coffee, the first few times that I had it, it was with heavy cream, which is… – Heavy cream I mean heavy cream could make, I don’t know, coffee in a shoe taste good I think. But, this is the first time I’ve had it with just half and half, and I thought that maybe you know, since it was heavy whipping cream, that had like, maybe made me think it was better than it really was, but, I definitely like this coffee. – Yeah, me too. – It’s good, I mean, it’s not my absolute favorite coffee, but, especially for the price, this is like, you know, cheap coffee. – Yeah, it’s got a, I think, a little bit of a nuttiness. – And a richness, I would say. Rich, nutty, I like it. – Yeah, and cheap. – Yeah cheap! – $4.99 for a twelve-ounce bag. – Love the cheap. – It’s hard to come by. Now, we will say we were at HomeGoods because, my brother had told us about it. We went to get coffee cause’ he showed us on a video all this coffee on the wall. Not on the wall, on the shelf. – That would be weird. – So, all this coffee, so we went. And we started looking and we’re like, wow, there is a lot of coffee. – Starbucks. – Yeah, a lot of the coffees were flavored coffees. So there were like, no-name, flavored coffees. And we were kind’ve looking at those, but we didn’t really wanna try those just now. But, they did have all kinds of Starbucks coffee. But, then we got to looking at the expiration dates, and we were there in November, 2017, and, some of them expired in December and January. – Pretty close to the expiration date, which we’ve heard, was it Cast Away Dave told us? – Yes. – That he said he’s heard you should have at least a months buffer in between the expiration date. I mean, you know coffee doesn’t really expire, but it does get, less tasty, so, we didn’t want to do that for the reviews. Cause’ we thought that could taint the review. – Right, and the Joe coffee was April, I think. – Yeah, it’s pretty far out. – No no no, September of next year. So that’s pretty good. – What if they put their expiration dates way out? I don’t know. – That’s right, they just make it up. Like yay, it will be good forever. This was actually made in 1958. – No. So anyway, neat bag, and coffee… flavor, nutty, right? – Yeah, nutty. – Bold? – Bold, yeah, but not too bold, like just rich. I would say rich, not bold. I don’t know if there’s a distinction but to me there is. – Yes. – Overall we would buy it again, – Oh yeah, I’d buy it again. – We don’t have HomeGoods near us, – We don’t, yeah. – It’s 45 minutes from here, and that’s just too far to drive. – Yea, good coffee. – And you don’t have to buy it at HomeGoods. You can buy it online, but I’ve never seen it in publics, or any place like that, but, there you go. – So, winner winner chicken dinner on that one. – Yeah, absolutely. – I wouldn’t give it five donuts, out of five, but four. – Four, yeah. Especially because of the solid price. – A solid four, yeah. – Even if it was more expensive, I think still. – Yeah, it’s not like the price is that big of a kickup for it. Very good, well. – Alright, well if you want more information about that review, or about any of the other ones, head on over to our website, coffeecoffeecoffeeshow.com, where you can find our coffee table that outlines all the reviews we’ve done, and you can change the chart around to see the price per pounds and where these coffees are from and all this kind’ve stuff. And then also we’re on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. So, check us out, and until next time. – Keep grinding. – [J.R.] Hey, thanks for watching our reviews. Please be sure to subscribe, and check our other reviews here.[/spoiler]

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Brand: Joe Coffee Roast: Tall Dark and Handsome Price per pound: $6.65 Flavors we detected / other notes: Nutty, rich, and cheap! Overall rating: Would we buy it again? Yes

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