Table Cloth For Coffee Table

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Stylish table covers to protect your dining table

Call upon rectangular tablecloths in a range of sizes to protect kitchen or dining room tables and express your sense of style while enhancing the mood and atmosphere at family meals or your next big dinner party.

Getting everyone together for breakfast or dinner can feel a bit rinse, wash and repeat during a hectic schedule. Cloth table cloths from IKEA made with yarn-dyed cotton can help keep the joy in these get-togethers thanks to wash after wash color retention. Enjoy the warm cozy feel of 100% cotton cloth tablecloths in blue with white striping on the edges. Another option in 100% cotton that gets softer with each wash is a white table cloth holding a lively field of poppies with green stems.

Or go with the warming, welcoming touch of a beige table cover whose woven fabric is given a rustic density by combining cotton with jute fibers in an 80/20 blend. Jute, another sustainable material used by IKEA, is a soft, shiny fiber from a flowering plant that produces course, strong threads that, when blended with the softness of cotton, are right at home in a Scandi traditional dining room. You can also go with the softness of cotton and the matte luster and firmness of linen in a farmhouse style décor table cloth in beige with minimalist gray striping.

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How about a material in table covers that makes setting the table easier? Find a white polyester table cloth that is always smooth after washing, so there’s no need to iron it.

And find circular table throws in beige with a red bulls-eye effect that gives a nod to seaside umbrellas and picnic table covers. In 100% cotton, these table covers will help every meal hit the spot. You can find corresponding table cloth holders in the same series that clip on to hold this tablecloth in place outside in windy conditions.

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Spruce up your dining room table with table runners

You can also combine functionality with style and elegance with table runners. They protect your tablecloth from spills and stains while adding a stunning contrasting visual element that runs down the middle of the table or across the table from one guest to another.

Create a stunning decorative effect with a yarn-dyed cotton table runner in black and white diamond patterns that contrasts well with neutral colored table covers. Or choose a light beige table runner with a lace pattern made of ramie, another durable plant fiber that has the luster and feel of linen. Or choose a yarn-dyed cotton table runner whose repeating rectangular sections of black, beige and gray resemble traditional textiles at home in Nordic traditional décor settings.

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Frequently asked questions about table cloths and table runners

How to use a table runner?

Have one run down the middle of a long table where the serving dishes, water and wine carafes will go, or have smaller ones extend across the table from one guest to another.

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How to wash cloth tablecloths?

Machine wash warm to very hot on normal cycle. Do not bleach. Tumble dry, medium, on normal cycle. Iron medium temperature, max 300°F/150°C. Do not dry clean. Note: Do not tumble dry some IKEA table cloths, such as the SILVERARV with an 80/20 cotton/jute blend. Air dry on a rack or clothesline.

How to measure for a tablecloth?

With length and width in mind, measure from the center of your table outwards and multiply by 2 to get a measurement for the entire table. Of course, your personal preference for the drop of the table cover comes into play here.

How to measure for a table runner?

To fit a table runner lengthwise or across the table, measure the width of your table and divide by 3, while factoring in the amount of drop you’d like.

How to get stains out of a tablecloth?

If a bit of club soda applied right away doesn’t do the trick, apply some dish soap, laundry detergent or stain remover right away. Do not apply bleach with IKEA table cloths or table runners.

How to keep a tablecloth in place?

Use IKEA tablecloth holders with sure grip clips to hold table covers in place outdoors.