Sumatra Mandheling Green Coffee Beans

Are you ready to experience the freshest Sumatra coffee? Introducing our wonderful arrival of Sumatra Mandheling Green Coffee Beans! Known for its impressive cup profile, this unique blend offers a heavy palate, earthy balance, and delightful complexity.

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The Essence of Mandheling

“Mandheling” is a term widely used to describe a regional blend of wet-hulled coffees from the northern half of Sumatra. Initially based on cultural distinctions rather than geographical boundaries, Mandheling represents a diverse cultural group found across Sumatra and Malaysia. This blend, along with other sub-ethnicities like “Batak,” showcases the rich coffee pedigree of the region.

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Unveiling the Origins

The coffee blends labeled as “Mandheling” are sourced from local parchment collectors across two coffee-producing provinces: Aceh and North Sumatra. Aceh, the northernmost province of Sumatra, boasts a unique coffee terroir centered around Lake Tawar and the city of Takengon. North Sumatra, just below Aceh, offers a varied landscape of high elevation grasslands, mountain ranges, and the famous coffee-producing area surrounding Lake Toba.

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A Journey of Taste

Prepare yourself for a truly traditional Sumatra experience. Our Mandheling Green Coffee Beans deliver a clean cup with flavor notes that shine best in medium to dark roasts. Delight your senses with exotic incense spice, bakers chocolate, and a smoky profile. Light roasts are not recommended, while medium roasts offer a balanced cup with upfront lemony acidity, spice, and hints of earthiness. For those who prefer a fuller-bodied and smoky profile, opt for darker roasts that will leave you with a lingering spice aftertaste. These beans are perfect for dark roast enthusiasts, espresso lovers, or as a base for blends.

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The Art of Roasting

Roasting Sumatra beans can be a breeze, especially with our Mandheling Green Coffee Beans. Thanks to its fine screen, this blend is easier to roast compared to other Sumatran varieties. To bring out its smooth characteristics, we recommend a longer setup, allowing the flavors to round out. Avoid extremely light roasts, and instead, aim for a medium to dark roast that perfectly complements this exceptional cup profile.

The Complex Process

Sumatra’s smallholder coffee production is a complex and fascinating journey. Unlike other regions, the processing of coffee involves multiple parties, each responsible for different stages. Coffee farms, typically ranging from 0.5 to 2 hectares, deliver fresh-picked cherries or humid parchment to collectors. After depulping, fermenting, and washing, the coffee is sun-dried and delivered to a central miller. Here, the parchment is mechanically hulled, leaving behind the moisture-rich coffee beans, known as “wet-hulled.” These beans are then spread out on large patios to complete the drying process.

If you’re looking for an exceptional coffee experience, look no further than our Sumatra Mandheling Green Coffee Beans. Experience the rich flavors and unique terroir of Sumatra with every sip. Discover the world of coffee at Marmalade Cafe, where quality and flavor come together to create unforgettable moments.