St Paul Mn Coffee Shops

Welcome to another exciting episode of Living in St. Paul, Minnesota! If you’re new to the area or simply looking for cool things to do over the weekend, you’re in for a treat. Today, we’re going on a tour of three of the best coffee shops in St. Paul – as chosen by my Facebook followers. Get ready to indulge in some delicious coffee and experience the unique charm of these local hotspots.

St Paul Mn Coffee Shops
St Paul Mn Coffee Shops

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Quixotic Café on Ford Parkway

Our first stop is the Quixotic Café, located on Ford Parkway and Cleveland Avenue. This coffee shop is a favorite among university students, thanks to its convenient location near several campuses. As I stepped inside, I was immediately drawn to the smooth aroma of freshly brewed coffee. I opted for a medium roast that was perfectly balanced and not overly bitter.

What sets Quixotic Café apart is its unique seating arrangement. Unlike most coffee shops with open tables, Quixotic offers cozy booths and even private meeting rooms in the back. This is the kind of place where you can see yourself spending a leisurely Saturday morning, lost in a good book or deep in thought. Quixotic Café truly lives up to its reputation as one of the best coffee spots in St. Paul.

Quixotic Café

Nina’s: A Slice of History on Selby Avenue

Our next destination is Nina’s, situated on Selby and Western in St. Paul. This coffee shop holds a special place in my heart as it’s conveniently close to my home. The building that houses Nina’s dates back to 1889 and is located in the historic Cathedral Hill area. While Selby Avenue might be overshadowed by nearby Summit Avenue and Grand Avenue, it boasts a rich cultural scene and some fantastic dining options.

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Legend has it that Nina’s was named after Nina Clifford, renowned for running an upscale brothel in the late 1800s. Today, the café offers a cozy and inviting atmosphere that draws visitors from all walks of life. If you can’t find a seat on the main floor, be sure to check out the loft area. It’s a hidden gem with a quiet atmosphere, perfect for studying, writing, or simply enjoying your cup of coffee. Nina’s is definitely a standout among St. Paul’s coffee shops.


Swede Hollow: Rustic Charm in Dayton’s Bluff

Our final stop is Swede Hollow, located off 7th Street in St. Paul. Nestled in the Dayton’s Bluff area, this coffee shop offers a charming rustic ambiance. Although it is temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, Swede Hollow remains a beloved local haunt. When it was open, I frequented this café as it was recommended to me by a friend. It started as a simple neighborhood spot but quickly gained popularity.

Stepping into Swede Hollow feels like stepping back in time. Housed in an old building with exposed brick walls, the café exudes a delightful charm. Recently, they expanded to include an upstairs area and an outdoor patio, which is often bustling with customers during the warmer months. If you’re visiting St. Paul or looking for a new coffee spot, Swede Hollow is one not to be missed.

Swede Hollow

Discover More Coffee Gems in St. Paul

These three coffee shops represent the best and most popular options in St. Paul, Minnesota. However, there are countless others waiting to be explored. In future videos, we’ll continue to uncover the hidden gems of the St. Paul coffee scene. So, if you enjoyed this tour, make sure to like, share, and subscribe to our channel to stay updated on our latest content.

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As a friendly reminder, I’m also a real estate agent with a mission to help you find your perfect place in the world. If you’re looking to buy or sell a home in St. Paul, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Now, go and savor a delicious cup of coffee at one of these incredible coffee shops. Until next time!

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