Solis Scala Zero Coffee Grinder

Losing out on coffee is a travesty, especially if it’s happening unknowingly. Static electricity can cause ground coffee to get stuck inside your grinder or sprayed across your countertop.

The Solis Scala Zero Static mitigates the static problem found in many electric grinders. It has ZeroStatic technology, which ensures all your precious ground coffee ends up in the cup. Or so it claims. How well does it really work?

Find out in our Solis Scala coffee grinder review.

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The Solis Scala Coffee Grinder Review

Solis of Switzerland is a family company that has been innovating new products for kitchens worldwide since 1908 with renowned success (1). They are well-known for their coffee grinders, including the Solis Scala and Solis Maestro burr grinder. They value trust, reliability, and sustainability. They ensure their customers get high-quality equipment with long-term durability.

The Solis Scala Zero Static is no exception. To get the full picture, we’ll explain in further detail its design, durability, ease of use, grinding capability, and value for money.

Design – 4/5

The Solis Scala Zero coffee grinder is a sturdily built compact conical burr grinder made out of stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. It has a large-capacity 300 g transparent bean hopper, which offers a satisfying look at the coffee beans within. The 130-Watt motor is powerful enough to avoid stalling, even in the face of more dense light roasted coffee.

The Solis Scala Zero Static is an aesthetically pleasing little black grinder measuring 6.7 x 5.5 x 11.4 inches and weighing 3.3 lbs. It’s pretty enough to display for guests, but the Scala Zero’s compact footprint means it can easily fit in your cupboards to free up your kitchen counter space. The handy cord storage helps; a practical compartment is hidden at the bottom of the grinder to keep your unused cable tucked away. We wish this model came in more colors, but it offers a classic style.

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Getting the perfect brew is all about experimenting. You’ll need to adjust the grind size and timed dosing whenever you change your beans or brew method (2).

One of the most prominent features of this grinder is its use of ZeroStatic Technology. Why is this important?

The ZeroStatic Technology this grinder uses features a built-in ion generator to eliminate the static charge that accumulates in the coffee grinding process (3). This enhances your grind’s precision and consistency while retaining every ounce of ground coffee for your brew instead of for waste. Better static management means a better cup of coffee and a cleaner kitchen.

Durability – 4/5

Solis of Switzerland is renowned for their products’ durability and long lifespan. That being said, this specific Solis Scala Zero Static coffee grinder has BPA-free plastic housing rather than metal, so we wouldn’t expect it to come with a lifetime guarantee. Don’t drop any pieces, or they will splinter; the plastic is BPA-free, not crack-free. Nevertheless, the design and durability are tight.

If any small stones are mixed in with your coffee beans – a too-often occurrence with some roasters – the stone safety device protecting your grinder keeps it safe from catastrophic failure. It also maintains the motor during heavy use. You’ll definitely get several years of great solid performance if used carefully.

Ease Of Use – 4/5

To use, the electronic on/off simply requires the press of a button to start, stop, and restart the grinding of your coffee beans. It can’t get any easier than that. Sure, a touch display like you see on fancier coffee grinders would be a user-friendly addition, but that technology greatly increases costs and can be prone to electronic failure.

The Solis Scala grinder isn’t too loud, and its grinding pitch is reasonably low. So you won’t get any splitting headaches using it if you’re groggy before your first morning grind.

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Entry-level enthusiasts will be pleased with the Solis grinder cleaning process. Many of this grinder’s parts are removable for easy cleaning, including the bean hopper. Just use a soft cloth soaked in warm, soapy water to wipe everything down and air dry. As anti-static as this grinder is, there’s still a little static cling at the edges of the grounds container, but all it needs is a quick wipe. We don’t advise putting any of the pieces into the dishwasher.

Grinding Capability – 5/5

The Solis Scala Zero grinder has hardened stainless steel and premium-quality conical grinding burrs. These burrs effortlessly grind through whole coffee beans. The smell of freshly ground coffee permeates your kitchen with the grinder’s particularly aroma-friendly grinding from the double reduction gear’s low speed. It’s a perfect way to slow down and smell the coffee.

The great hopper capacity and automatic operation are ideal for brewing coffee in large batches, enough for up to 40 aromatic cups of coffee. The electronic timer dictates the coffee dose, making it easy to reproduce the ideal dose consistently. The BPA-free plastic grounds bin that collects your ground coffee is hermetically sealed for optimal quality preservation of your coffee beans.

The grinder performs better on the finer end, making this ideal as an entry-level espresso grinder. Just bear in mind that 24 easily adjustable grind settings won’t always be enough to perfectly dial in a shot. It also yields consistent quality grinds on the coarsest setting for cold brew lovers and French Press users who enjoy immersion brewing. It’s an impressive all-around performer for the price.

Value For Money – 4/5

The price of this grinder falls in the middle of the pack of burr coffee bean grinders. It’s not the most expensive available, but it isn’t the most affordable pick either. The simple timer mechanism keeps it affordable, and the stone damage protection will definition extend its life. Given the range of grind sizes and the fact that this grinder is versatile enough to pair with a drip coffee brewer or espresso machine, the value is excellent.

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Solis Scala Coffee Grinder Vs Baratza Encore

A common comparison is between the Solis Scala and the Baratza Encore, two very similar grinders. Both are conical burr grinders with stainless steel burrs, and both are versatile grinders directed toward entry-level users, whether for filter coffee or budget espresso grinding. They are at a similar price. The Solis Scala is slightly more user-friendly because of its one-touch timed dosing. On the other hand, the Baratza Encore has superior build quality. It should last longer, and it is backed by Baratza’s best-in-the-business customer service.

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Do Not Buy The Solis Scala Zero Grinder If…

  • You’re on a tight budget – For a cheaper alternative to the Solis Scala coffee grinder, go with the Bodum Bistro electric burr coffee grinder. It’s equally static-free and has a similar stainless steel conical burr set but is available for about half the cost. It even has a funky aesthetic for your kitchen. What’s the catch? It only grinds for 20 seconds at a time, and it doesn’t have the quietest motor.
  • You’re not an entry-level grinder user – If this isn’t your first rodeo in the realm of coffee grinding and you value consistency at all grind settings, try the Baratza Virtuoso Plus. It’s more expensive than the Solis Scala, but its overall aesthetic, handy features, and reliable grinding capability justify the price jump.

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The Verdict

A beginner to intermediate home coffee drinker will be satisfied with the Solis Scala. It’s a huge step up from a blade grinder and a notable step up from the cheapest burr grinders. The anti-static technology is a worthwhile addition that sets this grinder apart from the crowd.

The Scala produces a consistent grind at all 24 grind settings, so it works for all of your favorite brew methods. The build is reasonably durable, despite using BPA-free plastic, and the stainless steel burrs are impressively strong.

If you’re looking for more user-friendly technology with a touchscreen, or you’re on a budget, then another grinder will better suit your coffee grinding needs.

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