Sherwin Williams Swiss Coffee Color Palette

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Three Beautiful Palettes for Swiss Coffee

In my previous post, I did a colour review for Swiss Coffee by Benjamin Moore. Now I want to inspire you with ideas on how to pull a complete palette together using this sophisticated, soft white.

In this video, I demonstrate how to use the colours from my Swiss Coffee Perfect Colour Palette as inspiration for creating beautiful interior design palettes with fabrics, wallpaper, hardwood, and countertops for your home.

All the colours I use are included in my Swiss Coffee paint guide. I have come up with three gorgeous combinations, but there are many more ways that you could mix and match to create a design palette that is perfect for you!

Swiss Coffee – Palette Inspiration

Palette 1: Soothing monochromatic

This first colour combination is the most calming pallet of the three. I printed off my Perfect Colour Palette for Swiss Coffee and walked through the endless fabric aisles at my Design Centre to find patterns that paired well with the combinations that I put together.

Swiss Coffee OC-45 Thunder AF-685 Moonshine OC-56 Lancaster White OC-144 colour palette design color palette design
1st Colour Combination: Swiss Coffee, Thunder, Moonshine & Lancaster White

Look at how beautifully these 3 colour tones work together!

I am using this colour combination to find inspiration for fabrics and other home décor finishes. I am not saying you must paint with all these 3 colours, but instead, use them as inspiration for pulling together a design palette.

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Here’s what I found:

Swiss Coffee palette inspiration Thunder Moonshine Lancaster White Colour palette JF fabric
Soothing, monochromatic palette to go with Swiss Coffee

The first fabric is a fantastic, soft, and pretty floral fabric from JF Fabrics. You could use this fabric for a pillow on your sofa or apply it to some gorgeous drapery. You can see the other neutral-toned materials shown above that could be used for a sofa, a custom ottoman, and/or accent chairs.

Notice how the taupe looped rug sample compliments the fabrics and overall palette? The addition of the wallpaper sample with similar tones can be used to add another layer to your design palette.

Be sure to watch the video above to understand in more detail, why I chose each specific element of the designs.

Your home should always flow from room to room so that it’s clear that your design choices are purposeful. To do this successfully, repeat the same tones into other areas on your main floor.

Hopefully, you can see how I’ve done that with each of these materials by including selections for a kitchen design with the counter selection, backsplash, and a pretty piece of hardware.

Palette 2: Contrasting & Moody

The second palette is slightly more moody with contrasting colours between quite dark and much lighter colours. I love creating contrast in my interior design projects!

Swiss Coffee OC_45 Paint Palette Kendall Charcoal HC-166 Abingdon Putty HC-199 Coventry Gray AF_685 colour palette design color palette design
2nd Colour Combination for Swiss Coffee

Often just one fabric can be my jumping-off point (inspiration) for decorating an entire room, maybe even an entire home!

Swiss Coffee Palette Inspiration Kendall Charcoal Abingdon Putty Coventry Gray JF fabric
Kendall Charcoal adds a moodiness to this Swiss Coffee palette

Palette 3: Bright & Fun

Now I’m not typically a neutral kind of gal when it comes to my interior design projects. You have seen my own bathroom, right?

In this final colour and design palette combination, I have saved the bright, bold, and most fun for last!

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An exciting combination of 3 colours, again taken straight from the Swiss Coffee Perfect Colour Palette.

Swiss Coffee OC-45 Soft Chinchilla 2135-50 Agave AF-420 Adobe Orange 2171-30 colour palette design color palette design
Colour Combination #3: Swiss Coffee, Soft Chinchilla, Agave & Adobe Orange

Once again I picked a fabric first – the one with the dark green circles – and added on to the palette from there.

Swiss Coffee Palette Inspiration Soft Chinchilla Agave Adobe Orange colour palette design color palette design
Bold Colours and Patterns for our 3rd Swiss Coffee palette

You can see the orange in this fabric is not as bright as the Adobe Orange and that’s ok. I am trying to show that tones don’t need to be exactly the same when pairing and mixing colours. But you can see how well it all ties together.

I would use all three of these fabrics in the same room just mix and match them. I love adding texture, you can see that here with the sample for the neutral area rug in the top left corner, sitting on top of the hardwood sample.

Putting together palettes combining colour, textures, patterns and materials was certainly made easier using the colour combinations in my Perfect Colour Palettes. If you get stuck on how to come up with a colour palette for your own projects, my guides can definitely help. Their purpose is to make it less daunting to choose paint colours for your home.

So, which palette was your favourite? Comment below to share your thoughts on which one you found resonates the most with your interior design style.

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Convenience At Your Fingertips

Swiss Coffee is now part of my Benjamin Moore Whites & Neutrals Collection showcasing all 10 of my Benjamin Moore white and neutral Perfect Colour Palettes.

My Perfect Colour Palette library has been expanded and now has 40 paint colours to select from. Click here to see them all.

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Remember, it only takes one mistake to take your home decorating project from divine to disaster. Don’t let the paint be what stresses you out!

Take my Colour Quiz to see which Colour Palette best suits your style.