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[spoiler title=’Click here to read the transcript. ‘ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]Welcome to coffee coffee coffee. Your place for average Joe coffee reviews. Today’s a little rainy outside, it’s a nice day for coffee and today we are reviewing what? Seattle’s Best. Apropos. Since it’s so rainy outside. Right and this is the full and balanced House Blend which is a medium roast. It’s supposed to be smooth roasted. Don’t really know what it means really. Like Miles Davis. It doesn’t really give you much information on the packaging either it just kind of says it smooth… It doesn’t really give you any kind of origin really. It says Latin American beans but you know. And yeah Arabica. Right. As the usual. Right. Like everything that we’ve reviewed so far is Arabica. It’s fun to say. So did you have any thoughts of the sniffer test? Yeah like I did this already. sniffer. I mean I’m not it’s not like one of those that I really just drink it in through my nostrils. Right I wouldn’t consume it after that. It sounds like it would be pretty dangerous. Yeah. Okay um it was $5.49 a bag for a 12 ounce bag,so that’s not per pound that’s per 12 ounce bag. Right like eight dollars a pound. And so you ready to taste it? Yeah let’s see. Hot cup again. So I want to know it because we haven’t discussed this coffee… I want to know your thoughts before I tell you my thoughts. It’s not as good as Seattle’s Best Signature Blend Number Four. No. The organic. Yeah and quite frankly I don’t like this coffee. Like I I thought it had a beannie taste. Did you pick up on any beanniness? Yep. Yeah and I just don’t like the beanie, which again this whole experience this experience has been really informative like all the reviews we’ve done so far… I used to think like when we would have like a cup of coffee, I wasn’t paying attention to what like what roasts we were buying, we would just try out different coffees and then I would assume oh I hate that you know that brand because I don’t you know whatever. But really it’s more about the roast. Like there have been certain like Seattle’s Best I really enjoyed the number four. I don’t enjoy this roast. So it’s not so much the brand as it is the specific roast within the brand so. Mm-hmm. Very much so, I’ve learned that too and what’s really helping us though is so far to date the cheapest coffee was the Seattle’s Best… well all of them but Signature Blend Number Four and I think it’s been one that we both could just drink whenever. Yeah yeah that’s one we agreed on. But not this one. Yeah I’m a pass… Hard hard pass. Would we buy it again? Hard pass. Yeah yeah. Yeah anything else to say about it other than? No no… and it’s gone the other way for us to whereas like with Lavazza we love their Gran Selezionne, but really dislike their Kilimanjaro… so it’s the other like the higher priced brands too. So never judge a …. but I don’t know how to say it. I was going to try to come up with something off the top of my head, but By its price tag. Yeah never judge the coffee by it’s price tag either way. Just because it’s expensive doesn’t mean it’s good and just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s bad. That’s true. And just because you like one roast doesn’t mean you’re going to like all of those by the same brand. Right yeah so if you have other coffees that you’d like for us to try, you can find us on Facebook Instagram and YouTube and also our website at coffee coffee coffee And coincidentally that’s how you’ll find us on the social media networks too is coffee coffee coffee show. Okay I understand now. So ship the coffee to P.O. Box… No no we don’t have a P.O. Box. I was just kidding. Just contact us and let us know what you’d like us to try and we’ll see if we can get a hold of some and give it a whirl. Yep. Ernest P. Worrell. No one knows who that is anymore. I know it’s sadly. Ernest Goes to Camp! Check it out. Or to jail.[/spoiler]

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Brand: Seattle’s Best Roast: House Blend Price per pound: $7.30 Flavors we detected / other notes: Beany (we really disliked this since we both dislike beany-ness in coffee) Overall rating: Would we buy it again? No. But we would buy Seattle’s Best 6th Avenue Bistro Organic/Fair Trade

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