Seattle’s Best Coffee Review

[spoiler title=’Click here to read the transcript. ‘ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]Welcome to coffee coffee coffee. This is the day that we review a new coffee. Like every other day but this one is special. Why is it special? All coffee is special, but some of them are special bad and some of them are special good. We’ll find out how this coffee ranks up. There you go. What is it we are reviewing today? We’re reviewing Seattle’s Best Portside Blend which is number three so again the branding change back and forth. You still may see the older branding but this is one of the newer branding ones. So it’s supposed to be a medium roast smooth roasted. That we saw that on the previous bag and it supposed to be like a medium just a medium roast. It’s slightly darker than the the breakfast blend that we tried so. Very cool and I noticed Portside Blend… I don’t know if you can tell on the labeling it’s like stenciled. Yeah. The letters. Like it came from the port. Yeah. Did you know…. just fun fact here cause I looked it up just now. Seattle is really not the rainiest city in America. What is? And would you believe it’s not even in the top ten? I know. Well actually you know there are a couple of different ways you can look at raininess. Right. So one way is how much rain they get and they’re not even in the top ten for that. Right. New Orleans actually is number one in that and then the in like rainy days, that’s really where it’s like it’s rankings but it’s like number five. Oh wow. Uh Rochester, New York was number one. Interesting. Yeah. Never would have thought. I mean I heard that Seattle is just kind of dreary and stuff. Yeah. Maybe that’s why they’re all happy over there. Okay. All right are you ready to drink this coffee? Should we talk about price? Yeah $4.49. $4.49? $4.49. Wow! what a great deal! Or is it? Great deal. Let’s try it to find out see what we want to do about it. You can probably hear a beeping. There’s something backing apparently a truck backing up somewhere. Yeah but that’s okay. It sounds like we’re at the port. A barge is coming in the way. I don’t know. Okay so I have opinions about this coffee. Do you have opinions? I I taste some sort of herby-ness or something I mean I know there’s a lot of different herbs, but. All I can taste is bitterness like it’s just bitter. It is a bitter coffee and I just…I don’t enjoy it at all. Quite frankly. It’s like it’s just I know of no other way to put it but it’s just bitter and bitter. Yeah but I don’t know like I’m trying to pick a flavor though that’s in there. There’s bitter but what is the flavor? To me, the bitterness is so strong that… Maybe it’s like a tobacco-y. The bitterness is strong in this one. I’ve never I’ve never smoked but I don’t know. It tastes like I mentioned tobacco taste. If you were to melt it..or uh not melt it… liquefy it. Wow we’re so good at tobacco. Liquefy it and drink it. That’s disgusting. Liquefy it? Yeah no. I don’t know yeah yeah I didn’t even get any kind of herby-ness or anything I just like I can’t get past the bitterness. Yeah. It’s pretty over powering. Well the bottom line is we wouldn’t buy it again even though it’s cheap. Yeah sometimes cheap means not so good. Yeah. Like we love the other…the other blend. Yeah Signature Blend Number Four yeah. Organic. Free Trade. That did make a difference actually… but. It’s Fair Trade but yes. Oh what did I say? Free trade. Oh yeah that’s different. That’s NAFTA. Yeah. I don’t really know. Anyway so this one is a loser. Let’s uh let’s hear from you which coffees would you like for us to try? Yeah let us know we’ll we’ll think about reviewing them depending on if we can get a hold of some or not. We did have some good suggestions so far so we’re going to check some of those out. Yes. Thanks keep them coming. Yes so also you can find us on Facebook Instagram and YouTube and our website coffee coffee coffee Look us up that way and uh. Is that it? Yep. That’s it. We love you all, but not this coffee.[/spoiler]

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Brand: Seattle’s Best Roast: Portside Blend (medium) Price per pound: $7.30 Flavors we detected / other notes: Herby and strong bitterness (maybe tobacco) Overall rating: Would we buy it again?No

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