Scooter’s Coffee Pace Fl

Scooter’s Coffee, a 630-square-foot, drive-thru-only coffee kiosk, is making its way through Florida’s Panhandle, with at least five new locations planned in and around Pensacola.

The first family-owned location of the chain, Scooter’s Java Express, opened in Bellevue, Nebraska, in 1998, and has since transitioned into a drive thru franchise with close to 400 locations spanning across the U.S. and hundreds more on the way, according to the Scooter’s website.

Olon Hyde, a Scooter’s franchise owner in Pensacola, said he, along with four other partners, plan to bring five new locations to the area over the next year or so. Hyde said he has a location locked in for 6800 N. Pensacola Blvd., and other locations planned for Gulf Breeze, Pace, downtown Pensacola and potentially one along Davis Highway. The first kiosk on Pensacola Boulevard is aimed to open in August, with the others rolling out in the months after.

“The idea is in the morning, when you’re driving to work, we’re going to try and place the stores where a lot of people are commuting in the area so they can come through, grab their cup of coffee and a light breakfast item really quickly, and not have to wait 15 or 20 minutes to get that coffee,” Hyde said.

Hyde said there is another unaffiliated franchisee in the area looking to secure about three other locations focusing more on the west end of Pensacola and Perdido Key, then another location in Foley, Alabama.

Why Scooter’s?


Hyde, who is also vice president of operations for Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services of Pensacola, said he was looking for an opportunity to invest in other businesses.

After researching the Scooter’s brand, Hyde said he felt the business model was solid in how it strived to deliver high-quality products quickly.

He said his intention is not to compete with other local coffee shops, but cater to a different audience that is seeking quality coffee on a time crunch.

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“It’s strictly drive thru and it’s all about speed of service,” Hyde said. “From the time you pull up to the window and order until the time you get your food and drive away, the goal’s around four minutes for you to be in and out of the drive thru.”

After taking a drive to visit a Scooter’s location for himself, Hyde found himself impressed with the smooth flavor, especially as a plain, black coffee drinker. The menu also boasts a variety of sweeter drinks, like the brand’s most popular “Caramelicious,” made with caramel sauce, hot milk, espresso and topped with whipped cream and caramel sauce.

The shop also offers special limited time flavors that change with the season, like a butterscotch cold foam coffee or kiwi-lime prickly pear quencher.

Even the brand’s food items are geared to be prepared and sent out to customers quickly, like the maple waffle sandwich, turkey sausage burrito or everything bagel sandwich.

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The maple waffle sandwich is among the breakfast menu items sold at Scooter

Aside from the influx of fast coffee and breakfast options, Hyde said he aims to bring economic growth through Scooter’s to the Panhandle in selling a quality product.

“Speed is key, but they’re equally committed to good quality products. If it doesn’t fulfill both of those things, then they don’t bring it on to the menu. If it can’t be made really well, really quickly: they don’t do it,” Hyde said. “We’re excited to bring this to the area.”