Marmalade Cafe: A Fresh Take on Royal Coffee Roasting HQ Central Point Photos

Have you ever wondered how to cut through the noise in the bustling coffee scene of the Bay Area? Look no further than Signal Coffee Roasters, a young and vibrant brand that has recently opened its first shop in Alameda. Created by coffee enthusiast Brendan Doherty, Signal Roasters aims to reflect his passion for building tube amplifiers while also communicating the intricate signals that coffee carries from farm to cup.

Signal roasters

Roasting at the renowned 444 Collaborative in Oakland, Signal Roasters quickly gained popularity, even amidst the pandemic, by providing local delivery options during lockdowns. Now, this up-and-coming roasting company has a fully furnished and charming cafe of its own. Housed in a historic 1912 former bank building in the heart of the island, Signal Coffee Roasters has transformed the space into something warm and reminiscent of a mid-century institution.

Signal Coffee bar

Step into Signal’s space, and you’ll notice intriguing design touches. An original point-of-sale light from a Czech factory illuminates the scene, while tiles from nearby Sausalito-based Heath Ceramics add a touch of elegance. Custom milled panels and retail shelving crafted by woodworker John Skidgel provide a unique ambience. To top it all off, the wallpaper showcases original drawings of vintage coffee gear by artist Robby Poore. In this blend of aesthetics and functionality, Signal Roasters invites you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of coffee, art, and community.

Signal’s dedication to its community extends beyond its physical space. The brand collaborates with local artists and friends from both California and Albuquerque, New Mexico, to curate merchandise and branding that reflects Doherty’s love for live music. Having worked at the iconic venue Fred’s Bread & Bagels in the 1990s, Doherty’s passion for music is an integral part of Signal’s identity.

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When it comes to coffee, Signal Roasters offers an enticing selection of single-origin specialty coffees. With a particular focus on approachable natural-process coffees, you can expect Brazilian and Ethiopian naturals to grace the menu. The green coffee used by Signal Roasters mainly comes from the esteemed Oakland-based Royal Coffee, with occasional offerings from Red Fox Coffee Merchants or Ally Coffee.

“I firmly believe that when we find a great coffee that also supports a great farm, community, or smallholder, we should embrace it,” says Doherty. Signal Roasters seeks out coffee beans that are not just excellent in taste but also sourced sustainably, building communities and making a positive social impact along the way.

Alameda Building

To complement their exceptional coffee, Signal Roasters offers an array of delectable pastries from Berkeley-based Starter and Alameda’s very own Crispian. San Francisco’s El Porteño tantalizes taste buds with their mouthwatering empanadas, and Boichik Bagels in Berkeley provides the perfect bagel accompaniment.

Despite the Bay Area’s saturated coffee market, Signal Coffee Roasters is already making waves, garnering positive feedback from guests and establishing wholesale accounts in the area. Doherty is delighted with the response, saying, “It’s growing faster than I could have imagined.”

Marmalade Cafe invites you to experience the dynamic atmosphere of Signal Coffee Roasters. Discover a place where the love for coffee, art, and community converge. Join us at 1536 Webster Street in Alameda, California, and embark on a coffee journey like no other. Learn more about Marmalade Cafe on our website here.

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