Pocket Coffee Espresso To Go

I posted about my love for Pocket Coffee – real liquid espresso inside dark chocolate, and while it seems like this post is following soon on the heels of the other post, I had been sitting on that photo for more than a year (bad Sara). So, when I finally posted it, a chain of events occurred that can only be considered destiny:

My friend Nicole (her blog Zoomata has interesting and wacky Italian news) asked me if I had tried the summer version of Pocket Coffee. And not only that, but she had one in her possession to share with me.

Summer version of Pocket Coffee?? Yes, Pocket Coffee has a summer brother and thy name is Pocket Espresso to Go!

I pride myself as being a pretty curious person, especially when it comes to food – I often wander the aisles of local supermarkets when I travel, even within Italy, to see what regional and local differences there are in selection. So the fact that I hadn’t heard of or seen this summer version was indeed news to me.

I was then introduced to a friend working for Ferrero who agreed to bring me some of the Pocket Espresso to Go for my very own.


Pocket Espresso to Go has only been released in a few select markets throughout Italy (and only a few stores in those cities – I still haven’t seen it in Milan, but found it in Puglia) and only has an Italian product page for now. I found mention of them “in the wild” as early as last summer (including a post on the Food Section), but I’d never seen them before.

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There’s a lot of potential in those little packages, especially when you realize they aren’t susceptible to the hot weather like the original Pocket Coffee. And I’m going to be giving some to you!! (Giveaway instructions below)

But first, let’s meet Pocket Espresso. These little containers are a liquid mix of the original Pocket Coffee : real espresso and dark chocolate. The flavor of Pocket Espresso isn’t a big surprise – it tastes like a melted Pocket Coffee, though some claim the chocolate flavor isn’t as strong.

It works for me.

Just like regular Pocket Coffee, each piece has 1/3 the caffeine of a regular cup of espresso. And, in case anyone was wondering, they are only 47 calories with 1 gram of fat! That’s a snack I could grow to love.

A box of Pocket Espresso to Go - the summer version of Pocket Coffee

Perhaps the most genius part of Pocket Espresso is the packaging. They are made to look very similar to the original Pocket Coffee, but they are slightly larger.

Isn’t it cute?? Yes, that’s a little straw there. It’s cute. It makes me happy. I brought a box to work and we had a lot of fun sipping from our little straws while everyone else was drinking regular espresso around the coffee machine. There’s something about sipping from a tiny container with a little straw that ensures no one will keep a straight face. Try it in your next board room meeting, or instead of sipping water during a speech, or even better, next to your friends chugging back those gallon-size coffee drinks. Definitely a conversation starter.

You can drink them directly from the box, but I put a few in the fridge for when it’s really hot and I want something a little more refreshing – they are good!

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Pocket Espresso to go - the Pocket Coffee summer version!

My Ferrero contact wasn’t able to tell me when or how quickly they might be available in other countries outside of Italy (or throughout Italy, for that matter) but hopefully we can make some noise to encourage them to hurry up! I’m running out of my personal stash!

Pocket Espresso to Go Giveaway

I’m giving away two 3-packs of Pocket Espresso to Go. You get two chances to enter – and I’ll be picking one winner from each method of entering! I’ll accept entries until midnight, Pacific time (GMT -8) on Friday, June 12th.

  1. Comment here and tell me what your favorite summer drink is. What refreshing drink do you look forward to in hot weather?? (Note: I have comment moderation turned on due to high spam, so please don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t appear immediately)
  2. Tweet about the giveaway (I’m on Twitter: @rosso) and include two things in the Tweet: 1) the URL to this post and 2) my id @rosso – that’s also how I’ll keep track of who’s entering. If you prefer not to be creative on your own, you can Tweet this with the short URL (http://tr.im/nZG0) already provided : “Win some new Pocket Espresso to Go (summer Pocket Coffee) from @rosso http://tr.im/nZG0

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Disclosure: While I did receive a few packages of Pocket Espresso from my Ferrero contact, it was done as a personal favor through our mutual friend, and he did not ask me to write about Pocket Espresso or give them away. So I’m not! The packages I’m giving away are ones that I bought with my own money down in Puglia. Enjoy!