Pj’s Coffee Of Meridian

The Soul of Coffee

For thousands of years, people have gathered and bonded over food and drink. Business meetings, dates, and chance encounters between old friends all lead to an invitation for coffee. And people love to gather at PJ’s because they recognize it is not only a superior cup of coffee but something more. As a brand, PJ’s believes in going the extra mile. They grind their own coffee every day, making it the freshest possible. Their roasting process involves the meticulous selection of beans to create single origin roasts that are exemplary. Additionally, PJ’s offers a variety of freshly baked pastries, breakfast sandwiches, lunch selections, and specialty treats.

Using only the top 1% of Arabica coffee in the world, PJ’s Coffee offers a variety of hot, iced, and frozen beverages. From their signature Original Cold Brew Iced Coffee to the hand-crafted selection of Espresso-Based beverages, they have something for everyone. And for hot summer days, try their signature Granita – a crystalized treat made with cold brew concentrate, milk, simple syrup, and a hint of vanilla extract.

PJ’s Coffee was founded in 1978 by Phyllis Jordan, a pioneer in the coffee industry who embraced high-quality beans, superior roasting methods, and a pure passion for the art of coffee-making. As a company known for its coffee, PJ’s utilizes a unique brewing technique for iced coffee. Their special cold-drip process helps to protect the flavor and strength of their brews by maximizing the taste and minimizing the acidity. This process was pioneered by Phyllis Jordan, and it is still used to brew all their famous Cold Brew Iced Coffee today.

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PJ's Coffee of Meridian

“We are completely farm to table. PJ’s owns the farms where the coffee is grown. We have direct trade relationships with farmers at Finca Terrerito in Honduras and Agua Fresca in Nicaragua. By PJ's Coffee of Meridianusing their products we are helping these farmers make a living for their families. Through community initiatives and by supporting preschool programs surrounding the farms, we’re helping improve their quality of life. We are proud to call Finca Terrerito and Aqua Fresca a part of our family,” states owner, Farheen Lala.

She continues, “My husband was born and raised in Meridian. His family has a long history of doing business here and we feel that sense of community that means home. I went to medical school to become a doctor, so I really had no first-hand knowledge of starting and running a successful business. I had to learn FAST! Finding a location, financing, planning and development – you can’t do it alone and so I learned from those around me. We have many bright minds in our town that can help. I cannot say enough good things about all the assistance the EMBDC has given, offering great resources and advice. Without the EMBDC, it would be very difficult to do what we have done thus far.”

Customers tell the owner and staff every day how glad they are that PJ’s has come to town! Even though they are a franchise, they are completely locally owned and operated. Farheen adds, “We appreciate the community rallying behind our opening thus far, especially given that we had to temporarily shut down our dining room after only five days, due to COVID-19. Even though our drive-thru has been fully operational during this time, we look forward to opening up our doors and seeing those friendly faces in our dining room again, very soon!”

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PJ’s is the Soul of Coffee!

PJ’s Coffee of Meridian 5145 Hwy 39, Meridian, MS