Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Are you looking to give your coffee table a makeover? If you want to create a Coastal Hamptons vibe in your home, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll show you how to transform a $10 coffee table into a beautiful piece that exudes Hamptons style. So, let’s get started!

Painting A Coffee Table Ideas
Painting A Coffee Table Ideas

Finding the Perfect Table

First things first, we needed a new coffee table because our old one was falling apart. We decided to explore our local buy and sell page, and to our surprise, we found a gem for only $10 – what a steal! Buying secondhand furniture is a great idea when trying to achieve the classic Hamptons look. You can find beautiful pieces at affordable prices and give them a fresh update with a coat of paint and new hardware.

Prepping the Table

Now that we have our coffee table, it’s time to give it a Hamptons Style makeover. We decided to stain the top and paint the rest white. To begin, we need to sand the top thoroughly. Luckily, my family gifted me an amazing random orbital sander for my birthday. It makes sanding so much more fun and efficient. Remember to wear safety glasses and a dust mask while sanding.

Once the top is smooth, it’s important to remove the old hardware and get rid of any old varnish on the sides and legs. Sanding helps prepare the surface for the new paint. Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe off all the dust.

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Repairing and Preparing

Now it’s time to fill any gaps or holes with wood putty. If you’re planning to replace the drawer handle, fill the old screw holes as well. Allow the putty to dry for a few hours before sanding off the excess. Once again, wipe off any dust.

Staining and Painting

For the top, we chose a Wattyl Colourwood oil-based wood stain in the color Walnut. Make sure to use a suitable stain and/or varnish for your project. Apply at least two coats of stain and varnish, allowing each coat to dry before sanding lightly in between.

Next, it’s time to paint the base. We used the same white paint we used for our IKEA Billy Bookcase unit. Apply at least two coats, depending on the coverage you desire. Before the final coat, mark out the position of the new drawer handle and drill the holes. This way, any mistakes can be easily painted over. We used Hampton Cup Pulls from Bunnings, which can be a bit tricky to install but come with a helpful mounting template.

Finishing Touches

Once everything is painted, grab some very fine sandpaper, like 280 grit, and lightly sand the surface for a silky smooth finish. Remember to use separate pieces of sandpaper for each paint color to avoid any marks on your newly painted surface. Finally, attach the new handle, and voila – your coffee table makeover is complete!

The Final Result

Step back and admire the stunning transformation. The top may have turned out slightly redder than expected, but it adds a unique touch to the overall look. We’d love to hear your thoughts! Should we go for a gray wash top next time or keep it all white? Let us know in the comments below.

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Coffee Table Makeover
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