Ottoman and Coffee Table: The Perfect Pair for Your Living Space

Are you tired of overlooking the importance of ottomans and coffee tables in your living room? These often-neglected pieces of furniture can bring your space together and offer both style and functionality. Whether you want a place to put your morning cup of espresso or store cozy accessories like throw blankets and accent pillows, ottomans and coffee tables are the key to creating the perfect living space.

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Coffee tables: More than just a surface

Coffee tables are essential for any living room. They provide a convenient spot to hold beverages, books, and beautiful accessories that can elevate the look and feel of your space. If you’re looking to decorate the surface of your coffee table, consider these tips from the lifestyle blog, Decorating Your Small Space:

  1. Grab something square: Start by adding a tray or a book to provide a solid foundation for your arrangement.
  2. Add some height: Create dimension and visual interest by placing a vase of flowers or candlesticks on your coffee table.
  3. Give it some life: Incorporate plants or other natural accessories to breathe life into the space.
  4. Use different shapes: Add something round or irregular to draw attention and add visual appeal.

Remember, you can always switch up the decor on your coffee table. Just keep these tips in mind when planning a new arrangement.

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Ottomans: The versatile gem of your living room

An ottoman is more than just a footrest; it’s a multipurpose gem that can enhance the coziness and inviting atmosphere of your living room. According to Kristin Flanagan of Architectural Digest, an ottoman can serve as a cocktail table substitute, a decorative footstool, or even a storage solution.

When deciding on the placement of your ottoman, consider how you plan to use it. If it’s primarily for resting your feet, place it near your seating areas. Alternatively, if you intend to use it for storage or as a non-traditional coffee table, you have more flexibility in its placement. You can position it next to the sofa, in a corner, or even next to your entertainment system for added convenience.

If you want to make a statement with your ottoman, consider placing it between your seating arrangement, mimicking a coffee table. From there, you can style it to your liking by adding a tray for holding beverages, books, and other accessories, or simply drape your favorite throw blanket over the top for a cozy touch.

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Bring your living space to life

Rearranging and styling your coffee tables and ottomans can have a significant impact on the overall look and feel of your living room. If you need assistance in bringing these tips to life, consider reaching out to a design consultant from Marmalade Cafe. With their expertise and a free consultation, they can provide personalized insights and advice tailored to your space, personality, and unique style.

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Don’t wait any longer to transform your living space into the oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Contact a personal decorator from Marmalade Cafe today and unlock the true potential of your living room.

Visit Marmalade Cafe to discover more inspiring ideas and furniture pieces that will elevate your living space to new heights.