Ninja Coffee Maker Not Brewing

There are many fixable problems with Ninja coffee makers that you will come across as the proud owner of a Ninja coffee bar.

This article lists the 12 most common and fixable errors and what you can do to fix them and get yourself back to brewing a delicious cup of coffee again.

Keep reading as we rock on with this article and get you dealing with the common and annoying problems with ninja coffee makers that you come across.

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12 Common Problems With Ninja Coffee Makers That You can Easily Fix!

Let’s not waste any more time and get on with detailing the 12 most commonly occurring problems with Ninja Coffee bars.

If you have a persistent problem with your coffee machine, shoot up a message; we will happily help you with it!

A Ninja Coffee Maker

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#1 Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Light Is Always Turning On

This error is far more common than you will realize. The easy solution and answer is to run a second and third cleaning cycle with a greater concentration of cleaning solution. There could be a heavy calcium buildup.

My own preference is to use white vinegar and at least a 50% solution and filling the water reservoir not with fresh water but with fresh filtered water or bottled water when it comes to the water portion of the 50/50 water and white vinegar solution.

The type of water to clean your coffee machine with during the clean cycle should not be one that may cause calcium deposits.

If you can, as preventative maintenance, don’t fill your reservoir with tap water, will it with distilled water, mineral water or filtered water when you are brewing coffee.

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Once you wave finished running a second and third cleaning cycle, run two flushing, rinsing cycles and then unplug your machine for 10 to 15 min and then re-plug it in.

This, absolutely should take care of the cleaning indicator.

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#2 Ninja Coffee Bar Won’t Brew Coffee

When you find your Ninja Coffee Bar is not brewing a cup of coffee, the first thing to check is if it is plugged in and switched on. Perhaps there is a problem with your outlet.

The next thing to check is the water reservoir and if there is enough water. If you hear the sound of 5 beeps from your machine, your drip stop will be in the closed position. The drip stop needs to be in the open position for brewing to commence.

If the drip stop is in the correct position, double-check the brew basket is in position and push it in to ensure that it is.

Ninja Coffee Bar
A Ninja Coffee Bar

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#3 Ninja Coffee Bar Is Not Brewing A Full Carafe

When your Ninja Coffee bar is not brewing the size of coffee that it should have a good look at the size of coffee that you selected.

If you have selected the correct brew size, and you are still not getting the batch of coffee and correct serving of coffee that you are seeking, check the brew type that you have chosen. The option “over ice brew” will give you approximately 50% of the volume as the rich brew or classic brew options. It is designed this way to prevent your carafe from overflowing.

If you have selected the correct brew type and brew size, check you have enough water in your water tank.

If all of the above fails, give your machine a good proper clean with a descaling solution or white vinegar.

#4 Ninja Coffee Bar Stops Brewing – Ninja Coffee Bar Keeps Shutting Off

This is the most annoying of the problems Ninja coffee makers have: you are ready and waiting for your cup of coffee but….

…your machine cuts off and stops brewing.

Check that you have:

  • Pressed the correct button, you may have pushed the wrong button.
  • Ensure that you have selected the right brew.
  • Your coffee brewer is clean.
  • You have power going to your coffee maker.

If the issue is not related to any of the above and your coffee machine is new, less than 2 years old, contact the manufacturer and request a replacement.

Cleaning Your Machine Can Solve Many Problems

#5 There Are Coffee Grounds In My Coffee

The most probable cause here is one of two (or both) causes.

  • You are using the wrong grind size.
  • You are brewing without a filter.

The correct grind size is a medium grind. A coffee filter is entirely optional; you can use a paper filter if you so wish.

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#6 Your Ninja Coffee Bar Is Leaking Water

A leaky coffee bar issue is usually due to overfilling the water reservoir. Only fill your machine to the marked level or slightly less. It is very normal for water to drip a little from your reservoir when you remove it for cleaning or filling.

There can be a little dripping from the filter and brew basket area and above the mug. This may be due to the brewing process and is not much of a cause of concern if it is only splashes.

Much larger drips will require you to look at seals and that none are broken.

Different Ninja Coffee Makers
Ninja Coffee Maker

#7 My Coffee Is No Longer Delicious

There are a number of factors that can and will influence how your coffee tastes. Some of these coffee taste issues may have nothing to do with your Ninja coffee maker.

Check the following:

  • Your coffee beans have not gone off. Coffee beans have a shelf life that is very short – typically only a week to 10 days of peak flavor after roasting.
  • You have poorly stored your beans, and they are picking up the scents and flavors of foods and items they are near to.
  • You are using less than ideal water. Use bottled or filtered water.
  • Check the temperature of your water, and it is within the ideal brewing range of 195F to 205F (92C to 96C).
  • Your machine is dirty, and it may need cleaning. Old coffee is spoiling it for you.

#8 My Second Mug Of Coffee Is Much Hotter Than The First Cup Of Coffee Brewed

For a more constant and consistent temperature from the very first to last cup of coffee, pre-heat your Ninja Coffee Maker for a few minutes and, at least before you start a brewing cycle.

#9 Ninja Coffee Bar Beeps 5 Times

Make sure you have not overfilled the water reservoir and that your mug is empty to begin with. Make sure that your coffee mug is empty before brewing and use the right size of cup. 16 Oz (480ml) for travel mug, 14 Ox (420ml) for XL and 12 Oz (360ml) for cup.

XL multi serve requires a man-sized 20 Oz (600ml) cup of coffee.

#10 My Cup Of Coffee Overflowed

Make sure you have not overfilled the water reservoir and that your mug is empty to begin with. Make sure that your coffee mug is empty before brewing and use the right size of cup. 16 Oz (480ml) for travel mug, 14 Ox (420ml) for XL and 12 Oz (360ml) for cup.

XL multi serve requires a man-sized 20 Oz (600ml) cup of coffee.

#11 My Coffee Is Weak And Watery

The cause here could be due to using a grind size that is too large and not extracting your coffee efficiently and thus resulting in an under brewed cup of coffee. Use a slightly smaller grind size: medium-coarse is the suggested grind size by the manufacturer.

It may also be that you are not using enough coffee grounds. Adhere to the coffee to water ratio to ensure a perfect amount of grounds in relation to the amount of water used.

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#12 Ninja Coffee Bar Cleaning Cycle is Not Working

When your coffee maker’s cleaning light turns on, it is telling you that there is a mineral buildup inside the machine that you need to fix.

Regular cleaning will take care of this. I strongly advise you to keep on top of that and programmatic fashion is best, like every month or every other Sunday.

Running a clean cycle is very easy. Fill your reservoir with water and white vinegar in a 50/50 solution.

Use a greater concentration if you have not cleaned it in a while or waited until the light appears telling you that it needs to be cleaned.

Make sure your carafe is empty and put it below the brew basket and select the full carafe size and push the clean button.

Then just leave the clean cycle to run. It should take about an hour.

If your machine is particularly dirty, run a second and third cleaning cycle.

Once you are finished cleaning, run two to three rinsing cycles by filling the water reservoir with clean filtered water and running a flush cycle.

Frequently Asked Questions About Problems With Ninja Coffee Makers

What Is The Average Life Span Of A Ninja Coffee Maker?

Ninja coffee makers have a lifespan that is, unfortunately, shorter than other similar coffee machines with 1 to 2 years being the average. It will last you a year if poorly looked after and 2 years or just over 2 years if you look after it well.

The most common problems are incorrect cleaning cycles and a leaky water reservoir.

How Often Should You Replace Your Ninja Coffee Maker?

In my own opinion and philosophy, there is no set time frame or period in which you should replace your Ninja coffee maker. When it is broken beyond repair like you have problems with the brewing cycle, cleaning cycle or the water reservoir.

Thermostats, pumps, and gaskets can be replaced.

Why Do I Keep Getting Grounds In My Coffee Ninja Coffee Maker?

There are a few reasons why you might be getting grounds in your Ninja Coffee Maker. The most common cause is your coffee filter is inserted incorrectly, or you have added too much coffee to the filter. Another common reason is your grind size is too fine.

Why Is My Coffee Maker Turning On But Not Brewing?

There are a number of reasons why your coffee maker is not brewing. A lack of water in the water reservoir is a common reason. Clogged and blocked internal tubes are a reason too. Blocks in the filter basket. There may be an electrical fault or a broken water pump.

Does Ninja Coffee Maker Have Lifetime Warranty?

Yes, the Lifetime VIP Limited warranty of a Ninja Coffee Maker only applies to eligible purchases for machines that were bought directly from the company. The warranty is non-transferrable and only applicable to the person that originally bought the machine (the original owner).

Why Is My Ground Coffee Not Dissolving?

Ground coffee is not supposed to dissolve. Coffee grounds are made of a high number of fibers which cannot dissolve in water.

What Dissolves Coffee Buildup?

Distilled white vinegar is great for dissolving coffee buildup. It is also good for removing mineral buildup and limescale.

How Do I Prevent Calcium Buildup In My Coffee Maker?

The best way to prevent the buildup on your coffee maker and all your equipment is to use a water filter. I went to the extreme and had a water filter attached to the mains inlet of my home and to the water outlets of all faucets for double filtration.

I still use a water filtration jug to fill kettles and coffee makers and before cooking. It’s much healthier and ensuring there are zero contaminants in my water and no problem at all with calcium buildup at all.

Frappé-Ing It All Up – Problems With Ninja Coffee Makers

If you have read this far, you have come across and found solutions to the 12 common and annoying problems with Ninja coffee makers.

If you have persistent problems with your machine that are not listed above, join our cool coffee community and ask your questions; there might just be an expert to help you out. Find us on Facebook/Meta.