Navajo White Vs Swiss Coffee

Read all about Benjamin Moore Navajo White, plus see real homes that use it!

Benjamin Moore Navajo White is one of those beautiful timeless off-whites, but is it a good fit for your home?

Neutrals reign in the interior design world. Their longtime popularity stems from their versatility. They look great when paired together, or you can use them to highlight (or tone down) bold colors. What’s not to love about colors you can literally use anywhere?

And when it comes to neutrals, nothing is more classic than white and off-white. Seriously, who doesn’t like them?

BM Navajo White is one of those off-whites that wraps you up in a hug and makes you feel better than you did before you saw it. It’s a soft creamy off-white that’s both timeless and stunning as it works to somehow make a room feel airy AND warm at the same time.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC-95 paint chip card on wood tray with wood paintbrush

I’m all about a soothing smokey blue or sage green, but believe it or not, Navajo White may give you similar comfy, cozy vibes!

This post about Navajo White is my latest post in an in-depth series about popular paint colors. My goal with these paint exploration posts is to give you all the insider knowledge you need to help you pick that perfect paint shade when you give your home an update. Being able to visualize how a color may look on YOUR walls will make choosing colors faster and easier. ​​

NOTE: Do not confuse Benjamin Moore Navajo White with the Sherwin Williams color by the same name. They’re completely different from each other!

Without further delay, let’s discover all of Benjamin Moore Navajo White’s nuances.

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FAQs about BM Navajo White

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Benjamin Moore Navajo White Undertones

Ok, let’s do a quick lesson on “undertones” vs. “mass tones.”

“Mass tone” simply means the main color you see when you look at paint. Red, yellow, green, and blue are all examples of mass tones.

But every color has tons of shades, which are caused by undertones. Undertones are simply slight differences in paint colors.

Every paint colour has its own unique combination of colors that blend together to create the mass tone. The variations that slight changes to the formula create are undertones.

What are Benjamin Moore Navajo White’s undertones?

As a warm off-white, Navajo White has yellow and tan undertones that add a rich quality to the shade. These undertones give this color a soft quality that many people gravitate to.

NOTE: Two main factors have a profound impact on how a color reads: light exposure and surrounding decor. For that reason, no color will read the same in two different situations.

Paint swatches are super helpful for giving you a good idea of how particular paint shades will appear in YOUR home. I highly encourage you to utilize paint swatches before you go spend $$$ on paint!

My favorite way to sample? Re-usable, re-positionable peel and stick paint samples ⤵

Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC-95 paint chip card on a marble background with wood paintbrush

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Great Coordinating Colors for Navajo White

Because this shade is so warm, it plays better with warm hues rather than cool ones. And it’s unbeatable when paired with earthy tones (such as orange, brown, avocado green), brick, and wood tones.Note: Navajo White looks best as part of a contrasting color scheme rather than a monochrome color scheme.

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LRV of Benjamin Moore Navajo White (OC-95)

LRV = Light Reflectance Value: Rated 0-100 with 0 being pure black and 100 being pure white. Lighter paint shades REFLECT more light from them and therefore have a HIGHER LRV, and vice versa for darker shades.

The LRV of Navajo White = 79.88

Navajo White sits firmly in the light category. It’s light enough that without its undertones, it would be considered white. However, its undertones put it in the off-white collection.

Navajo White Compared to Other Colors

Let’s compare this hue to some other similar off-white paint colors and see if we can get a better understanding of how the undertones impact the overall appearance of this shade.

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Benjamin Moore Navajo White vs. Swiss Coffee

Swiss Coffee is another warm off-white from Ben Moore, but it has a balance of yellow, brown, and green undertones that make it less creamy. With an LRV of 84, it’s also lighter than Navajo White. Overall, this off-white is less saturated, which may make it a better fit for certain homes or rooms.

paint swatch comparison of Benjamin Moore Navajo White OC-95 versus Benjamin Moore Linen White

Benjamin Moore Navajo White vs. BM Linen White

Linen White’s LRV of 82.9 makes it just a teeny bit brighter than Navajo White. The yellow undertones of these colors have a similar saturation, but Navajo White has a hint of gray to make it read a little more muted.

Neither of these colors makes a good trim color unless they are used to tone down much darker earth-tone colors.

Benjamin Moore Navajo White vs. Gentle Cream

BM Gentle Cream has a similar undertone profile to Navajo White, so it also plays well with dark neutrals and earth tones. With an LRV of 71, however, it doesn’t reflect as much light, so Navajo White might work better in dark rooms (such as hallways).

laundry room makeover with bm navajo white walls

Real Life Homes Using Benjamin Moore Navajo White

I’ve searched all over the internet to find a variety of spaces that use Benjamin Moore Navajo White so you can get a clear idea of how it really behaves in different situations! See for yourself how different lighting exposures and influences from countless decor items can affect the paint’s appearance.

A quick note here: don’t forget to consider picking the right paint finish…it’s not only about getting the color right! We have an in-depth explanation of choosing sheens here.

For kitchens, eggshell or satin are popular finish choices for walls. For cabinets consider semi-gloss or high gloss for the most durable finish (and a gorgeous glow).

Navajo White Kitchens

1. Navajo White Cabinets

Have oak flooring and aren’t sure what cabinet or wall color will work well? Navajo White brings out even more warmth, as you can see in this kitchen where its used as the cabinet color.

If you’re thinking that your oak floors are already too warm, you may want to aim for a cooler white to tone the oranges and yellows in the floor down more.

2. Bright Constrast to Dark Beige

Dark kitchen got you down? Not with Navajo White!

Funcycled shows how Navajo White brings its light warmth to a dark room. These cabinets look bright against the darker beige wall and make this kitchen feel spacious.

3. Benjamin Moore 947 Cabinet Color

Here’s a third example of kitchen cabinets that have been painted with Navajo White. And WOW, what a difference this paint makes in the overall look of this kitchen. It goes from dark and dated to light, bright and very chic.

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Dining Rooms with Navajo White Paint

4. Quite a Pairing with Revere Pewter

Love! Vintage American Home creates a dream dining room by using Navajo White as the trim color with Revere Pewter walls.

BM Navajo White in Living Spaces

5. A Vintage Feel on this Fireplace Mantle

I can’t get enough of seeing Navajo White paired with wood tones and earthy bricks. Sincerely Marie Designs uses this pairing to create a neutral, timeless look.

6. Inviting Neutral Backdrop

This gorgeous home seems to want the outside to be front and center, but the inside to still be warm and inviting. Navajo White was a brilliant wall color choice by Jennifer Robin Interiors ( with Wade Design Architects).

Bedrooms in Benjamin Moore’s Navajo White

Quick note: Don’t forget the finish! Learn all about paint sheen here.

In general for bedrooms, and low-traffic areas, flat paint is fine. If you like something with a bit of shine (and more ease of cleaning) opt for eggshell or satin.

7. Color Fit for Any Style

Think Navajo White doesn’t work with minimalist decor? Think again! Peyton Bryan shows just how much depth this color provides a room with minimal decor.

8. Sweet (and Kind of Beige) Kid’s Bedroom

The lighting in this room plays with the yellow and brown undertones, which causes the walls to read creamy with a side of beige.

9. Perfectly Off-White in Natural Light

This bedroom from Jennifer Robin Interiors puts the “D” in dreamy! Dark neutrals perfectly complement Navajo White, which, in turn, makes this very high ceiling room feel perfectly cozy.

10. Highlights Fun Pop of Color

BM Navajo White can be an ideal neutral to pair with other neutrals, but this bedroom from RLH Studio via Houzz shows how well it works with bold accents too!

11. Cheery Master Bedroom

How cheerful and inviting does Navajo White help make this bedroom feel?

Bathrooms featuring BM Navajo White

12. Boho Vibes

If there is ever a room in my house I don’t want to feel cold, it’s my bathroom! Navajo White transformed this outdated small bathroom into a timeless beauty.

13. Perfect White Paint in a Bathroom

This bathroom transformation shows what a star paint can be when it comes to sprucing up a space. Most people’s biggest concern when it comes to choosing a white is that they don’t want something too stark. That’s where Navajo white really is a standout. It gives the clean look of white, without the stark cool side.

Navajo White Exteriors

14. Inviting Off-White Trim Paint Color

Here Navajo White is the main paint color for the exterior, and is paired with “Mayonnaise” as the trim paint choice. A popular shade of off-black was chosen for the door…Wrought Iron. It’s a GREAT palette, don’t you think?

Navajo White also complements shades of green really beautifully.

Others Homes using BM Navajo White

15. The Perfect Way to Brighten a Space

Do you have a small or dark laundry room or mudroom? Take a page out of Peyton Bryan‘s playbook and open it up by using Navajo White on the walls and cabinets!

16. Rich, Sophisticated Trim Color

Here in this horse country manor house, Navajo White is used as a trim color for a richer, warmer effect than a crisp, bright white. Wall color is Farrow & Ball James White.

Well, that’s a wrap! Navajo White is a stunning color that can add timeless elegance to any room. Have you decided if it’s a great choice for your own house? If you’re looking for a dreamy creamy off-white, grab a paint sample and test it out!

Pin this paint color for later! And if you use this paint shade, leave a comment on the pin! That helps others decide if they want to try this color, too!

Benjamin Moore Navajo White (OC-95): ULTIMATE Review + Photos