Mr Coffee: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

Is your Mr. Coffee tasting more like Mr. Sludge? It’s time for a change. While we may be known for our pour-over coffee without cream or sugar at our Main Street shop in KCMO, we understand that not everyone has the same situation at home. In fact, most homes in the US have the infamous Mr. Coffee sitting on their kitchen counters. Whether you dread going home to visit your parents or just want a better cup of coffee, we have some tips to help you make the most out of your auto-drip machine.

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Clean Your Machine!

The first step to great-tasting coffee is getting rid of all the old grime and nastiness from your coffee maker. We recommend using Urnex Cleancaf and running it through your machine multiple times, followed by a few cycles with clean water. Once your machine is sparkling inside and out, remember to rinse the basket immediately after each use to maintain its cleanliness.

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Don’t Make Too Much, Use Enough Coffee

To achieve a great-tasting brew, aim for a coffee-to-water ratio of approximately 1:15. Most auto-drip machines can’t handle this ratio at full volume, so it’s best to fill your machine to about the 8-cup mark on a standard 12-cup machine. If you have a smaller or larger brewer, use the 2/3 full rule as a general guideline.

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It’s important to note that the “cup” measurement on coffee makers is only 6 ounces. For every cup, you’ll need about 8.5 grams of coffee. In a standard 12-cup Mr. Coffee, try using 70 grams of medium-coarse ground coffee for a flavorful brew.

Mr. Coffee

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Preheat Your Water

To extract the best flavors from your coffee, water needs to be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, most home auto-drip machines only heat water up to about 180 degrees, then heat the coffee after it has been brewed on a hot plate. Here’s a solution: run a cycle with just water first, then use that water to brew your coffee. This gets the water up to the perfect temperature for extracting the delicious flavors from the coffee grounds.

If your brewer has a timer, you can even set this up beforehand. Fill the reservoir to just above the 8-cup mark, place a filter in the basket, and set the timer for when you’ll wake up. Your hot water will be waiting in the carafe, ready to go for your morning brew.

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“Bloom” the Coffee

Assuming you’re getting your coffee from a reputable roaster, such as us or any of our roaster friends across the country, your coffee should be fresh. Freshly roasted coffee still contains carbon dioxide that needs to be released before optimal flavor extraction. Mimic the pour-over method by turning on your coffee maker briefly until the surface of the grounds is saturated. This will kick-start the off-gassing reaction and enhance the flavors in your cup of joe.

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Now that you have some handy tips, it’s time to put them into practice. Remember, a little extra care and attention to detail can go a long way in elevating your coffee experience at home. Enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of coffee from Mr. Coffee!

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