Misfit Society Coffee Ann Arbor

Misfit Society Coffee Club is Ann Arbor’s newest coffee shop at 615 E University Ave, neighboring the University of Michigan’s campus. It’s location lends itself to being a perfect location to fuel up on caffeine and hang out with friends during a study break.

The new Ann Arbor coffee lounge has been developed by Spencer Raymond, who also owns Grand Rapid’s popular specialty waffle, cocktail and coffee restaurant, Social Misfits.

When it comes to coffee drinkers, there are often two categories: the purists who do not stray from the classics, and the adventurous type who like to try every inventive flavor in the book. Raymond said Misfit Society Coffee Club has something for every kind of coffee drinker.

They have their “standards” portion of the menu which includes all of the basics such as drip coffee, espresso, pour overs and cortados. But, they also boast a variety of unique lattes and more.

One of Raymond’s favorite drinks is the Powder Puff, which is a latte with orange and cinnamon-cayenne syrup. The best part about this drink is that it is full of excellent fresh and spicy flavors without being too sweet. Misfit Society Coffee Club makes all of their flavoring from scratch in small batches to ensure everything is exactly how they want it.

Other highlights include the PBJ and the Sugar Daddy. The PBJ latte is just as delicious as it is “Instagrammable” with peanut butter ganache and strawberry. The Misfit Society Coffee Club said the Sugar Daddy, a brown sugar syrup latte, which they said was one of the most popular drinks so far.

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For those who still love caffeine but tend to opt for tea, the Groot is the perfect sweet drink. The colorful green and purple drink includes green tea and taro root. Both flavors combine seamlessly to create a sophisticated sweet and creamy drink.

To pair with the coffee, customers can also order food such as pastries, burritos and sandwiches. They have partnered with CRUST, an artisan baking company in Fenton, to provide part of the menu.

Misfit Society Coffee Club’s maximalist decor is a collection of vintage and pop-culture references that all come together to create a space that is welcoming to anyone, especially “misfits.”

Raymond describes the decor’s aesthetic to be “moody” with an eclectic array of oddities spread throughout the lounge to create the overall vibe. They went through the Florida-based Casa Conde & Associates to guide them through the design process of the lounge.

One of the stand-out elements of the decor is the graffiti art by local Detroit artist Richie Blanko. He is a Puerto Rican graffiti artist, muralist, curator and educator who was raised in Southwest Detroit. His graffiti art spans the perimeter of the Misfit Society Coffee Club.

Blanko tagged the lounge with song lyrics which inspired him, perfectly illustrating the Misfit Society Coffee Club aesthetic.

Raymond said he envisions this space to be a hang-out spot to kick back in between studying and work.

To order online, Misfit Society Coffee Club is partnered with Union, a POS system out of Austin, Texas. This will allow customers to order ahead and pick-up their coffee and treats on the go.

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