May Your Coffee Kick In Before Reality Does

Do you love sci-fi mystery series? If so, you’ve probably heard of Netflix’s ‘1899’, created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese, the masterminds behind the hit show ‘Dark’. While the two shows have distinct storylines, they share some remarkable similarities. Symbolism and deeper meanings are prevalent in both, leaving viewers eager to unravel the mysteries hidden within the plot.

In ‘1899’, a gripping tale unfolds aboard the Kerberos, where a group of passengers embark on a journey full of twists and turns. Throughout the season, certain phrases and lines catch our attention, gradually revealing their significance. One such phrase is “may your coffee kick in before reality does.” But what does it truly mean in the world of ‘1899’? Let’s explore. (SPOILERS AHEAD)

The Meaning of “May Your Coffee Kick in Before Reality Does”

Although initially presented as a period drama set in the year 1899, the show soon unveils anachronistic elements that challenge the perception of reality. From mysterious bugs that open doors to the presence of old television sets, each episode hints that appearances can be deceiving. The phrase in question falls under this enigmatic category.

Imagine reading “may your coffee kick in before reality does” on a coffee mug or a T-shirt. In today’s world, this light-hearted phrase resonates with many. Most people rely on their morning coffee to kickstart their day, following a repetitive cycle. The prospect of waking up and facing the same routine can be tiresome. That’s why a caffeine boost is essential to tackle the day’s challenges and unexpected twists.

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While the phrase’s meaning can be interpreted in various ways, its fundamental purpose remains unchanged. When the coffee kicks in, you awaken. This concept holds immense significance in ‘1899’. The phrase “wake up” is uttered in every single episode, connecting characters and hinting at a greater mystery unveiled in the season’s final moments.

The series commences with Maura being forcibly taken to a mental hospital and strapped to a chair. However, it concludes with Henry uttering the words “wake up,” transporting Maura to the ship. This juxtaposition suggests that Maura’s experiences may not be grounded in reality. As the story progresses, more characters undergo similar episodes, emphasizing that Maura is just one piece of the intricate puzzle. Each passenger holds a fragment of the truth that will ultimately unravel the mystery.

To sustain the suspense, the phrase “may your coffee kick in before reality does” appears in the seventh episode. Ramiro and Anker stumble upon it while sifting through books, seeking guidance on navigating the ship. Remarkably, the phrase is repeated throughout the volumes. Translated, these books are brimming with the words “wake up”.

Likewise, when Maura finds herself outside the 1899 simulation, she discovers the phrase scribbled on a sticky note. As she explores her new surroundings—a spaceship named Prometheus—she realizes it carries the same number of passengers as the lost steamship. To complicate matters further, she receives a message from her brother, Ciaran, proclaiming, “welcome to reality.” While the nature of her current situation remains uncertain, Maura is now cognizant of her circumstances. Although her mind may not be entirely liberated, she has gained some insight into what lies ahead.

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