Maxim Original Korean Coffee – 100pks

Are you ready to try something different and exciting? Look no further than Maxim Original Korean Coffee – a blend that has taken South Korea by storm. Marmalade Cafe is proud to introduce this delightful assortment of Asian instant coffees, perfect for any coffee lover craving a unique and flavorful experience.

Maxim Original Korean Coffee - 100pks
Maxim Original Korean Coffee – 100pks

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The South Korean Coffee Culture

In South Korea, Korean mix coffee has become a staple, especially the famous Maxim Original Korean Coffee. Produced by Dong Sul Foods Company, this coffee can be found everywhere – from offices and waiting rooms to restaurants and homes. It has gained popularity for its convenient and delicious premixed blend of coffee, sugar, and cream.

Exploring the Range

Maxim Original Korean Coffee comes in three variants – Cold Mild, Original, and White Gold. Each variant offers a unique taste and experience that caters to different preferences. Don’t worry if you prefer your coffee without sugar and cream – you can also find instant coffee packets without these additions.

More Korean Coffee Brands

In addition to Maxim, there are other popular Korean coffee brands worth exploring. French Cafe, produced by Nam Young Foods, offers another delightful mix coffee experience. And if you’re looking for a taste of Vietnam, G7 is a popular Vietnamese brand that offers a wide range of options.

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The Legacy of Dong Sul Foods

Dong Sul Foods Company has been dominating the mixed coffee market since 1976. They have continuously evolved their products to meet changing market demands. One of their recent successes is the Maxim White Gold, often associated with Olympic gold medalist Yuna Kim. As South Korea’s taste preferences shifted towards black coffee, Dong Sul Foods introduced their counter product line in 2011, offering dark roast and mild rose variants.

Portion Sizes and Directions

It’s important to note that the portion sizes may vary depending on the product packaging. For example, the bulk 100 stick boxes available on Amazon for export may differ from the local convenience store versions in South Korea. However, the general directions for water-to-coffee ratios are provided on the packaging and can help you make the perfect cup of coffee.

Taste Test and Pro Tips

Now, let’s talk about the most exciting part – the taste test! Maxim Original Korean Coffee offers a range of flavors to enjoy. If you prefer a less sweet and creamy experience, you can shake the stick or sachet to mix the coffee bits with just a little sugar and cream. For those who want a stronger coffee flavor, French Cafe and G7 are excellent choices. And if you enjoy black coffee, Condon’s dark roast and mild roast, as well as G7’s black coffee, offer a rich and aromatic experience.

A Note on Ingredients

While Maxim Original Korean Coffee uses artificial creamer, it’s worth mentioning that it contains casein, a milk protein. This inclusion may not be suitable for those with lactose intolerance. However, alternatives like Maxim White Gold and French Cafe use nonfat dry milk powder, making them lactose-free options.


In summary, the world of Korean coffee offers a fascinating array of flavors and experiences. Whether you prefer the convenience of mixed coffee or the boldness of black coffee, Maxim Original Korean Coffee and other Korean brands have something to offer. So, why not explore and enjoy the diverse world of Korean coffee today? Visit Marmalade Cafe to discover more delightful treats like Maxim Original Korean Coffee.

Disclaimer: This article is purely for informational purposes and does not constitute a recommendation or endorsement of any specific product or brand. The mentioned products are showcased as examples for the purpose of illustrating the Korean coffee culture.

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