Little Fish Coffee Poipu Reviews

At Little Fish Coffee, they make it their mission to brighten up your every day with delicious food made using fresh, local, and often organic ingredients. Beyond that, they can put an energizing spin on your adventures by serving up the tastiest coffee drinks around, plus tea, Italian soda, and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

But if you want the best of both worlds, then their smoothies are undoubtedly calling your name. The Jitterbug, for example, features shots of espresso, milk, and your flavor of choice, like Mexican chocolate, caramel, or vanilla. Once those ingredients come together, the whole lot takes a spin in the blender with just enough ice to create your frozen, blended drink.

Although their offerings are good enough to enjoy absolutely anywhere, the South Shore aesthetic boasts a chill vibe that sets the tone for the entire experience. Beautiful palm trees, the smell of the ocean on the air, and even wild chickens strutting their stuff all serve as reminders that you’re dining in paradise.

Once you put in your order, you’ll want to grab one of the picnic tables out front to await your selections. And wait you will. The crew often takes their sweet time in whipping everything up, leaving many people waiting up to an hour for their items. Prefer to skip the wait? Just go to their website to put in your order before leaving the hotel and they’ll likely have it ready when you get there.

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Get your fill of their:

Shippy’s BowlWhen you want to fill up your belly, restore your energy, and enjoy all the best island flavors, Shippy’s Bowl is the way to go. This sweet little dish begins with a big helping of acai to serve as the delightful base for all the rest of the toppings. Over the top, the acai gets Greek yogurt, fresh pineapple, bananas, granola, and tons of coconut flakes.

Veggie BagelFor something a little bit more robust, but still amazingly delicious, you’ll want to get the Veggie Bagel. They make this treat by toasting a hearty bagel until golden brown and then covering it in their cilantro pesto cream cheese. After that, they add sliced onion, cucumber, and tomato to finish it off right.

Midnight MarauderIf you need to seriously fuel up for your island adventures, treat yourself to the Midnight Marauder. To create this drink, they expertly brew four shots of espresso and pour it over ice. Sweetened condensed milk and vanilla join the party, and then it gets all mixed up to sweet perfection.

SpartanThe Spartan smoothie offers a big kick of energy without the coffee, so only order it when you want to go-go-go all day. This scrumptious drink features an almond milk base that’s taken to the next level with a big scoop of almond butter. They continue infusing it with magic by adding bananas, dates, and spinach plus a nice dash of cinnamon.

Want to share your love for this little coffee shop wherever you go? Order your favorite swag through their website once you get home, so they can ship it all straight to your door. You can even order their Little Fish Coffee Blend beans from Kauai Roastery to enjoy their bold coffee flavors from the comfort of your home.

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Insider Tips:-If you fall in love with their offerings, why not roll them out for your next big event? If that sounds like just what you need, ask about their catering services.-While the chickens are ultra-cute, they are also quite grabby. So, watch your food carefully or they’ll hop up on the table for a chance to savor the deliciousness.-When you simply don’t want to deal with the chickens, you can grab a bar seat near the front counter instead.