Light Wood Round Coffee Tables: The Perfect Addition to Your Living Room

Are you looking for a new coffee table to enhance your living room decor? Look no further than light wood round coffee tables. They have become one of the trendiest additions to any home this year. Not only do they add a touch of warmth to your space, but they also blend seamlessly with various interior styles, including organic modern, fresh traditional, and California coastal. Moreover, round coffee tables offer many benefits – they are kid-friendly, shin-friendly, and highly versatile. It’s no wonder that retailers like Pottery Barn, Wayfair, and West Elm are all selling their own versions of these stylish tables. To make your shopping experience easier, I have gathered a collection of my favorite light wood round coffee tables below.

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My Favorite Light Wood Round Coffee Tables

If you’re in a hurry, you can quickly browse through my favorite picks here. Just click on the black “+” symbol to shop. However, if you want a closer look at each table and more information about them, keep reading!

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1. Cayman Round Coffee Table

Pottery Barn’s mango wood coffee table evokes a California contemporary vibe that perfectly complements neutral interiors or modern coastal spaces.

2. Wayfair Calhoun Coffee Table

Make a statement with this asymmetrical and sculptural coffee table from Wayfair. This unique silhouette is a popular trend this year, with similar tables available at Anthropologie and Crate & Barrel.

3. Crate & Barrel Clairemont Round Coffee Table

One of the great features of this Crate & Barrel coffee table, aside from its style, is its versatility. It can be ordered in five different sizes and both round and oval shapes, making it suitable for any room. Its clean and narrow lines also make it one of the lightest tables on the list.

4. Threshold by Studio McGee Coffee Table

If you’re on a budget, this light wood coffee table from Threshold by Studio McGee is a fantastic choice. It offers the same style as the others on this list but comes with an affordable price tag of just $230.

5. World Market Zeke Round Brushed Oatmeal Coffee Table

For smaller spaces, this 35″ light wood coffee table from World Market is the perfect fit. Alternatively, if you have a long and narrow space, you can arrange two of these tables side by side. It is also one of the least expensive options on the list, priced under $400.

Zeke Round Brushed Oatmeal Coffee Table

6. Anthropologie Jonas Coffee Table

If you prefer a pale wood tone with a gray cast, this modern round coffee table from Anthropologie is the ideal choice. It complements cooler color schemes beautifully.

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7. West Elm Maddox Coffee Table

Can’t decide between marble and pale wood tones? Look no further than this West Elm beauty. Its round marble top sits on a pale wood base. Additionally, it comes in two sizes – a smaller 36″ version and a larger 44″ version, perfect for displaying your favorite coffee table books.

8. Rosie Blonde Solid Wood 48″ Round Coffee Table

For larger spaces, consider this 48″ round coffee table. It would be the centerpiece in a spacious room, especially when paired with an L-shaped sectional sofa. Its rustic styling makes it a great choice for modern cabins, farmhouse spaces, or French country homes.

9. Project 62 Bleached Wood Coffee Table

If you’re on a tight budget, Target offers another affordable option with their round, bleached wood coffee table priced at just $200.

10. Crate & Barrel Leanne Ford Round Coffee Table

This pale wood coffee table, designed by HGTV’s Leanne Ford and made by Crate & Barrel, resembles the second pick on this list. However, this one has a slightly whiter tone compared to the previous table’s yellow cast.

11. Four Hands Light Wood Round Coffee Table

For a sleek and contemporary option, consider Four Hand’s version of the light wood round coffee table, available from Wayfair. It is made from pale parawood and features unique triangular-shaped legs.

12. Hearth & Hand Coffee Table

If you have a smaller space, Target’s Hearth & Hand coffee table is an excellent choice. Measuring just 32″ across, it is perfect for accompanying an L-shaped sofa or placing side by side in longer, narrower spaces. And the best part? It’s priced under $200!

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These light wood round coffee tables offer a variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges, making it easier for you to find the perfect one for your living room. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to bring warmth and style into your home with one of these trendy coffee tables. Explore the world of light wood round coffee tables today at Marmalade Cafe.