Light Wood Round Coffee Table

Are you ready to witness a magical transformation? Join me as we give this abandoned coffee table a new lease on life! Hi, I’m Katie, a full-time furniture painter and refinisher. Every weekend, I share videos filled with inspiration, tips, and tricks for anyone interested in furniture flipping or giving their space a fresh look. Today, we’re tackling this coffee table, and I can’t wait to show you the stunning results!

Light Wood Round Coffee Table
Light Wood Round Coffee Table

The Curb-side Find

This coffee table was left on the curb, seemingly unwanted and unloved. Coffee tables have never been top-sellers for me, but there was something about this piece’s elegant lines that caught my eye. I knew it had potential for an awesome flip!

To start, I gave the table a thorough cleaning using a heavy-duty degreaser and deglosser called trisodium phosphate (TSP). After rinsing off any residue, I let it dry under the sun.

Stripping and Sanding

To prepare the table for a fresh finish, I decided to chemically strip the top. Using a gel stripper, I applied a liberal layer and covered it with plastic wrap to keep it moist. After about 15 minutes, I saw the varnish bubbling up, and I eagerly scraped it away with a metal putty knife.

For the curved edges, I switched to fine steel wool to ensure a thorough removal of the varnish. Once everything was stripped, I used mineral spirits to neutralize any remaining residue.

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Now it was time to sand. Since the tabletop had a veneered surface, I opted for a cautious approach. I started with a coarse 80-grit sandpaper to remove the varnish layer, followed by a less aggressive 180 and then 220-grit sandpaper for a final smooth finish. The curved edges received special attention with the help of a surf prep foam abrasive pad.

The Design Plan

My vision for this table was to create a white wash or gray wash effect on the bare wood top while painting the base with a solid color. I used a pale gray country chic paint called “Lazy Linen” for the wash. Mixing the paint with water, I brushed it over the surface, allowing it to soak in before removing any excess.

I absolutely love using chalk paint washes to achieve a stained wood effect. It offers the freedom to customize the color, opaqueness, and layering. In this case, I applied three coats of the wash, one after another, to achieve the desired look.

Priming and Painting

To protect the new finish, I applied a shellac-based primer called Zinzer BIN. After two coats and a quick sanding, I moved on to painting the base. I chose the same pale gray color as the wash, “Lazy Linen” by Country Chic Paint. Using a one and a half-inch oval brush, I applied two coats for a bright and airy feel.

However, upon reflection, I realized that the base needed a touch of warmth. I lightly blended a beige color called “Sunday Tea” over the gray to achieve the desired effect.

Sealing the Deal

To seal the table and provide maximum protection, I turned to the tough coat sealer by Country Chic Paint. This water-based sealer is perfect for preserving painted surfaces and adds a beautiful satin sheen. I tinted the sealer by mixing in a splash of paint to prevent streakiness. Two coats of tough coat were all it took for a durable finish.

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For the tabletop, I used a sponge applicator to apply the sealer smoothly, creating a brush-stroke-free finish. This sealer not only protects against water damage and scratches but also saves time with its quick-drying formula.

The Final Transformation

With the makeover complete, I proudly brought the coffee table into my house and staged it for final photos. The end result is a stunning, modern piece that’s ready to be loved and enjoyed.

This coffee table has been given a new lease on life, thanks to a few hours of labor and a small investment in materials. While coffee tables may not be the top sellers in my inventory, this particular piece will be given away for free.

Thank you for joining me on this exciting makeover journey. Before you leave, don’t forget to tap that subscribe button! If you want more inspiration, check out some of my other videos, and remember, Marmalade Cafe is always there to add a touch of elegance to your space.

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