Kirkland French Roast Coffee Review

Do you prefer a bold-flavored coffee bean? French roast coffee beans are the darkest-colored coffee beans, have a strong flavor and have been roasted the longest! Costco carries the Starbucks French Roast Coffee for all those dark roast lovers and I’m spilling the beans on what I think of it!

My husband is obsessed with coffee which is kind of funny because when we met he wasn’t really a big coffee fan. I was the one who loved coffee because I survived off the stuff working 16-hour shifts at the hospital and having nights as part of my rotation. Sean bought me a ton of fancy coffee equipment one year and instead of me using it, he did! Ever since he’s been into perfecting the perfect cup of home-brewed coffee.

We usually buy our coffee beans from local roasters but when we were at Costco last we bought the Starbucks French Roast coffee beans to give a try.

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Location in Store

You can find the french roast coffee beans in the aisle with all the other coffee beans and tea. The item number is 11357.

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I could tell as soon as I opened the bag that this was a VERY dark roast, and it tastes that way. On its own, the coffee has an almost burned flavor. It’s not unpleasant at all, but I wondered if I should have used cooler water to brew it. I used cooler water than I normally with the lighter roasts I typically drink, but next time I’d try even cooler water (maybe 195 or 200 degrees Fahrenheit vs. the 205-degree water I used the first time).

Aside from the slightly burnt flavor, the coffee has kind of a bitter aftertaste. The flavors also stay on your tongue for a long time after you have a sip!

I like the coffee a little better with cream. I always like a bit of cream or oat milk in my coffee, but find it makes the biggest improvement with harsher dark roasts. For the Starbucks French Roast, I found it cuts the bitterness a lot and allows me to notice some different flavors. It tastes a bit more floral and chocolatey with cream in my opinion.

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The two-and-a-half-pound bag of beans costs $24.99 Canadian at Costco regularly but I was able to grab a bag for $5 off the regular price.

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You’ll need a coffee grinder because the beans come whole. I’ve also heard a rumor that you can take the coffee beans to Starbucks to have them ground for you as long as they’re Starbucks brand.

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The best-before date listed on the beans is 7 months from the date they were purchased and you can use them to make hot or cold coffee. I also like to use coffee in some of my baking, such as the homemade chocolate cake I make for Sean’s birthday every year.



Black coffee has very few calories, about 5 calories in a cup and not fat, sugar, carbohydrates or sodium. When cream, milk, sugar or syrups are added to coffee is what can make coffee beverages high in calories, fat and sugar.


There’s only one ingredient, coffee beans! Whether coffee is healthy or not can be controversial so I won’t comment much on it but I love a cup per day.


Taste: 6/10 but this is pretty subjective because I like lighter roasts

Cost: 8.5/10

Convenience: 1/10 (You have to grind the beans and make the coffee).

Nutrition: Not applicable.


Give it a try!

I don’t love dark roast coffee beans but I know a lot of people do so therefore I have to suggest giving this a try if you know you like a bolder brew!

What do you think of french roast coffee?

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