Is Black Rifle Coffee Organic

Black Rifle Coffee Company was founded in 2014 by former U.S. Army Green Beret Evan Hafer and advertised as a pro American coffee company with the goal of giving back and supporting fellow veterans.

Overall we are a fan of this coffee company due to their support of our veterans and their unique and cool packaging designs. They also have a great subscription option and tons of branded gear.

While sampling several different coffee options we found their coffee landed more on the dark roast side, even when listed as a medium or lighter roast so keep this in mind. You will find most of their options mimic the flavor profile of Starbucks Coffee. Some of their roast land slightly on the bitter side.

The only negatives we found is their price points are high and they have very limited options for organic coffee lovers.

  • Supports LEO, First Responders and of course Veterans with donations, awareness and other support.
  • All packaging is military themed for a cool look
  • Offer a wide variety roast types
  • Available in ground, whole bean, K-Cups and Ready to Drink Cold Brew
  • Their bags are easy to open and reseal after use
  • Subscription savings and special perks available
  • Available on Amazon Prime 2 Day Shipping
  • Coffee is a little on the expensive side
  • Even their medium roast have more of a dark roast flavor
  • Not many options for those who like organic coffee
  • No free shipping on standard orders
  • Shipping is a little slow but still faster than many

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Black Rifle Coffee – Company Profile

Started as a veteran owned and operated company based out of Salt Lake City Utah, Black Rifle has grown into a household name. They now roast in both Utah and Tennessee and are opening several walk in coffee shops across the country.

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Black Rifle is very selective in who can sell their coffee and limit their retail options to mostly gun ranges, tractor supply style stores and other small businesses.

Most of their coffee is sourced from Brazil and Guatemala which are known for rich and robust flavor profiles and then thrown into a drum roaster.

Black Rifle has grown quickly and can now be found on tv commercials and their logo is now on a NASCAR hood.

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The Actual Coffee Review

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Online Ordering & Shipping

Most, if not all, of their coffee options can be ordered directly from Amazon. You can of course find everything they offer on their website but you will pay shipping unless you sign up for their coffee club.

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Black Rifle Coffee Packaging

One of our favorite brands due to their commitment to cool and unique packaging designs. As a veteran owned company their bags are all military or first responder themed. Its not wonder they have created such a loyal following.

Their single serve K-Cups are actually called rounds and are shipped in a box which resembles a military style bullet case.

While a lot of companies ship their coffee in bags which once opened can not be easily sealed or feature a cheap twist tie, Black Rifle offers resealable bags.

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If you want even more freshness and long lasting flavor grab yourself an airtight coffee cannister on amazon for under $50.

What Else Does Black Rifle Offer

Their website is loaded with Black Rifle branded gear. Everything from coffee mugs to clothing and coffee brewing equipment.

Black Rifle now offers ready to drink cans, hot chocolate and decaffeinated coffee.

Our Final Thoughts On Black Rifle