Indonesia Arabica Green Coffee Beans

INDONESIA REGIONS: If you have yet to try green coffee beans from Indonesia, then you don’t know what you’re missing! Sumatra is probably one of the most well known islands in western Indonesia due to the undeniably rich coffee beans it produces especially at darker roast levels. These coffees are known as island coffees. Coffee was introduced to Indonesia by the Dutch East India Company while the country was still occupied by the Dutch. The goal was to grow coffee here and break the worldwide monopoly Arab coffee held at the time. The rugged mountainous terrain of these countries is some of the most remote and hardest to navigate in the world but the rich soil, high elevations, the humid atmosphere produces some of the richest tasting and most famous coffees that are used in coffee shops around the world.

INDONESIA COFFEES: The best farm-to-cup Indonesian coffees come from three regions: Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi. Of these three regions, the most productive and noted coffee comes from Java. And don’t forget about Bali the hidden jewel among Indonesian Coffees which has been producing some really fine coffees lately. Indonesian coffees tend to have a dark and bold flavor with prominent earthiness. Often, they have a finish that is long-lasting and feels unsweetened. We recommend roasting most Indonesian beans to roast levels of Espresso Roast, Italian Roast, or Heavy French Roast for that bold rich cup that they are so famous for producing.

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BALI BEANS: In Indonesia lies a hidden Jewel, the island of Bali. After a devastating volcano blast in 1963, the Balinese government revitalized their coffee agriculture economy by helping farmer replant their coffee seed stock in an island-wide campaign. Coffee tree varieties that were planted include Bourbon and Typica, along with shade trees. It is often said that Blue Moon coffees stand out as a jewel among the Indonesian coffees due to their overwhelmingly rich, syrupy dark chocolate notes, a pleasant creamy mouthfeel, and a spiced finish. The typical Indonesian earthiness takes a backseat with the Bali Blue Moon coffees. The stunning cup qualities of this organically grown coffee make this coffee one of our top selling coffees.

JAVA DUTCH ESTATE BEANS: The story goes that back in 1696, the Burgermeister of Amsterdam, Nicolaas Witsen, suggested that coffee be taken to Java and planted there since France was unable to grow coffee near the area of Dijon, where the winters are cold with freezing fog. The first planting died due to leaf rust epidemic. However, the Dutch soon planted another varietal of Arabica that was resistant to the disease. These are the Dutch Estate Plantations. Our Java Dutch Estate Coffee is exceptional at a blonde roast level where the cup is balance, heavily bodied, and delicious. A chocolaty body with pleasant fruity flavor nuances, spice notes of cinnamon and clove, finishes quicker than the other Indonesian coffees.

SULAWESI BEANS: This coffee originates from the excellent growing conditions Sulawesi Toraja, one of the most remote growing regions in the world. It is grown in the old mountainous region of Torja where many of the coffee trees are more than 250 years old. An interesting fact is this region is also known for Celebes Kalossi Coffee because Celebes was the Dutch name for this island when they first arrived and settled here. A delightful Indonesian coffee that promises satisfaction and leaves you desiring more. Its full-bodied earthy/chocolaty body structure is vibrant yet sweet with deep toffee/caramelized sugar notes, it has some sweet, winy/berry overtones, a little spice, and a slight smokiness in the finish at the Espresso Roast level.

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SUMATRA BEANS: Sumatra is a highly prized coffee among coffee drinkers toping the lists as one of the best coffees in the world. It is said that in the early 18th century when the Sumatran coffee began gaining in popularity the European traders could easily spot the fine authentic Sumatra beans by their unique shape and coloring. The unusual deep characteristics that this coffee is known for arises not only from the plant varietals, and the Indonesian growing region but also from the unusual Giling Basah (wet hulling) processing method. A well-balanced coffee known for its syrupy heavy body structure, its low acidity, and the rich earthy/chocolaty tastes that it exudes in the cup. There are notes of spice and brown sugar, with winey/dried fruit overtones, a cocoa aroma, with a clean chocolaty aftertaste.