How To Use Syrup In Coffee

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Tickle those taste buds – make coffee with coffee syrup!

Bag of Two Chimps coffee with black coffee cup and saucer, Two Chimps tin and glass vase

Coffee syrups aren’t just for C*sta! Nopity nope. Take a mosey over our simple guide, and you’ll be enjoying your fave flavoured drink in no time!

There’s really not much to it (this is a no-sweat kinda guide).

Keep reading for all you need to know:

  • What is a coffee syrup?
  • How much syrup should you put in coffee?
  • How to use coffee syrup
  • How to make flavoured lattes
  • Are coffee syrups bad for you?
  • Can you put honey in coffee?

You’re tired of overpriced drinks. Bored of the queues. Fed up with them misspelling your name on your cup (even though it’s Emma). So, let’s prime the pumps and make coffee with syrup!

Bottle of coffee syrup on a blue plate with lattes in small glasses

What is a Coffee Syrup?

Most coffee syrups contain water, sugar and flavourings. Manufacturers dissolve sugar in hot water to create a sweet base syrup, then add natural and/or artificial flavourings. Natural flavourings include tasty things like spices, honey and fruit juice. Sugar-free syrups don’t include sugar (obviously) – it’s subbed for sweet alternatives like agave and sucralose.

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You can use your favourite coffee syrup to flavour coffee, iced coffee, tea, hot chocolate and cocktails, and use it in baking. Or add it to plain yoghurt. And make dessert toppings by mixing it with mascarpone. And…

There are oodles of flavours out there. We bet you’ve heard of the staples like Caramel, Vanilla and their best mate, Mr Mint. But what about Baked Apple? Or Custard? Or Watermelon? They all exist!

Iced latte from above

How Much Syrup in Coffee?

Add a double espresso to your latte, and you get something stronger. Add a single, and the coffee strength is more subtle.

Makes sense, right?

It’s the same with coffee syrups. Add more, and you’ll get a sweeter drink and more pronounced vanilla/gingerbread/almond/brussels sprout flavour.

Two tablespoons (30ml or one ounce) of syrup is a good go-to if you’re wondering how much coffee syrup to put in coffee. This is for a regular coffee cup. Use one of those soup bowl-sized vessels, and you’ll need a bit more.

If a whisper of flavour is what you’re after, try just one tablespoon at first. You can always add more if needed!

Got a pump dispenser? The amount in a pump tends to vary, but it’s generally between ½ ounce (15ml) and 1 ounce (30ml).

How to Use Coffee Syrup


Step 1

Make a coffee in your preferred brewing device.

Step 2

Measure out the syrup and add it to the coffee. Give it a stir. You don’t need to heat the syrup before adding it to the coffee as this can change the texture.

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Step 3


Bag of Two Chimps decaf coffee on a table with coffee tin and woman holding black cup and saucer

How to Make Flavoured Lattes with Coffee Syrup


Step 1

Make an espresso or 40ml very strongly brewed coffee. Add it to a latte glass.

Step 2

Add the coffee syrup and stir to combine.

Step 3

Add around 250ml whole milk to a jug and steam using the steam wand on your machine. Alternatively, you can use a pan and whisk (and some muscle!)

Step 4

Pour the frothed milk over the flavoured coffee.

Step 5

Decorate in a way that matches your latte flavour!

Latte in a black cup and saucer beside stack of magazines

Are Coffee Syrups Bad for You?

Coffee syrups aren’t your dentist’s best friend. You’ve probably already guessed with that dissolving-sugar-in-hot-water chat earlier, but coffee syrup is pretty high in sugar.

Take a 100ml sample. It contains around 80g of the sweet stuff. Add 30ml to coffee, and you’ve got a 24g sugar rush. Which, if you do the maths, is 80% of your recommended sugar limit of 30g. Flavoured coffees are delicious and absolutely fine now and then. But that Triple Chocolate Salted Pretzel Mocha With Cream And Sprinkles? Maybe save it for special occasions.

Sugar-free coffee syrups are a great, teeth-friendly alternative. They’re sinless but still tasty-sweet! They can still contain chemicals and artificial ingredients and can increase your appetite for sweet things, but don’t contain sugar themselves.

Pouring water into v60 brewer

Honey in Coffee

Natural and buzzing with nutrients, honey is another great way to sweeten coffee drinks! Acacia honey and clover honey are sublime in a brew – they’re sweet and subtle and complement the coffee flavour. Simply add a teaspoon to your coffee, stir until it melts and add a little more if needed! Deeelish!

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Small glass dish of honey with honey stirrer

Learn more about adding honey to coffee

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