How To Set The Time On Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Cuisinart manufactures some of the most modern coffee makers with a variety of smart features. The reliable coffee maker can be a great way to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee as soon as you wake up. With the smart features of the device, you can set the timer in the machine to prepare the coffee. There are even watch in the device that let you know about the time. Let’s see How to Set the Clock on a Cuisinart Coffee Maker.

If you have just purchased a Cuisinart Coffee Maker, it can be a bit tricky for you to understand the device. Well, you can make use of the user manual to understand the functions of the coffee maker. If you don’t have the manual near, you can simply utilize the below guide. Let’s see how to do things on your coffee maker.

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So, How to Set The Clock on a Cuisinart Coffee Maker

As we mentioned earlier, the Cuisinart Coffee Maker includes a clock. The clock might not show the accurate time when you turn it on. What you need to do is to set the clock on the coffee maker to make it work. Below, we will discuss the exact steps you need to follow to set the cook of the Cuisinart Coffee Maker.

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Understanding the Knob

Well, before you start, you need to understand the work of the knob in the device. You will find a knob in the Cuisinart Coffee Maker. It can be set at 5 different positions. These positions include AUTO ON, PROG, CLOCK, BREW, and AUTO OFF. When the machine is set to AUTO ON, it will turn in a specific time every day. You can fix the time to wake by using the hour and minute buttons.

The PROG button allows you to function the device for automatic queues. After that, you will find the CLOCK option, which you can utilize the time of the day. Then there is the BREW function. When the knob is on the BREW, it will start brewing at a specific time which you can fix. Finally, there is the Auto OFF option. Using this, you can turn off the device automatically at a fixed time.

Steps to Set Clock in a Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Now you know how the knob of the Cuisinart Coffee Maker works. Let’s see how to set the auto time in the machine:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to turn on the machine and turn the knob to the “Clock” from the five options.
  2. The next thing you need to do is to set hours. For this, tap the “hour” button until the numbers on the display start flashing.
  3. After that, release the button and tap and hold again to scroll through the numbers. When your desired number occurs, hold and release again to advance one digit. Unless you kept the device off, it will show you the last settled time as default.
  4. Now you have fixed the hours and it is time to set the minutes. Just like earlier, tap and hold the “minute” switch to scroll through the numbers. As you approach the desired number, tap and release the button to advance one digit.
  5. After setting the time, you can fix it by simply moving the knob to the other options. You may also wait until the numbers stop flashing.
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Setting Auto on Feature in the Cuisinart Coffee Maker

Follow the below steps to employ the Auto-On features in the Cuisinart Coffee Maker:

  1. Begin with pressing the PROG button until the LCD along with the green light begins flashing.
  2. Then press the hour button and keep holding until the desired hours appear. Release it when the specific hours appear.
  3. Now do the same thing for the minute button. Hold it until the specified number of minutes occurs and release it to advance one number. You may repeat this for the second number of the minute.
  4. When you have correctly entered the numbers, now you can exit the mode. Press the set button or any other button from the functions to save it. Or, you can leave it for five seconds and it will automatically exit the mode.

Why the Clean Light Won’t Turn Off?

If the clean light in the Cuisinart Coffee Maker won’t turning off, then it means that you need to clean and wash the machine. That also means the machine got minerals buildup inside the machine from the water. It is important to remove the buildup to enjoy the same great taste of the coffee and get an efficient performance from the device.

Using the Cuisinart Coffee Maker without cleaning can cause a lot of issues. Such as, it can increase the brew time which will make the device consume more electricity. Furthermore, the limes inside the machine will prevent the water from reaching optimum temperature. As a result, all the flavors of the coffee may not be extracted properly. So, it is very important to clean the machine when you see the light.

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Here is how to do the wash: Clean the water reservoir of the coffee maker. Then add one part of vinegar and 2 parts of water in it. After doing this, press the self-clean button on the Cuisinart Coffee Maker. Now wait a while and let the machine clean the buildup. Once the cleaning is complete, you will hear five beep alerts which means the cleaning is complete. You may repeat the step if you want. Discard the solution when done.

Make sure to run a few brews with entirely clean water and nothing else. This will help to get rid of the vinegar residue inside the machine. You may find a vinegar smell in your coffee if you don’t do this.

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The Cuisinart Coffee Maker can be a great companion for anyone who loves coffee. If you are using the machine for the first time it can be really hard to make use of the high-end features. However, we help that the above guide will help you to easily employ the smart features.