Order Up: A Beginner’s Guide to Ordering Coffee at Dunkin Donuts


Dunkin Donuts is a popular coffee shop that has been around for over 60 years. They are known for their delicious donuts and other baked goods, but they also have many options for drip coffee, espresso-based drinks and lattes. If you’ve never been to Dunkin’ before or are looking to try something new on your next visit, read on for a beginner’s guide to ordering coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts!

What kind of coffee do you enjoy?

How To Order Coffee At Dunkin Donuts?

If you’re seeking a new way to enjoy your favorite beverage, Dunkin Donuts offers a wide range of options. From iced coffees and lattes to hot chocolate and tea, there’s something for everyone.

But before you order your first cup at Dunkin Donuts, it’s important that you know what kind of coffee drinker you are: Do you prefer strong or mild? Are mornings better served with an espresso shot? And what about cream or sugar–do they help complement your brew? The best way to figure out which drink is right for you is by asking yourself these questions:

  • What kind of coffee do I enjoy?
  • What time of day do I typically drink my morning cup o’joe (or evening cuppa joe)?
  • Do I like adding cream or sugar? Why or why not!

The Dunkin’ Donuts menu is filled with a variety of coffee served hot and iced.

If you’re looking for a hot cup of coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts has you covered. The menu is filled with a variety of different brews served hot, iced and frozen.

Hot coffee can be ordered in any flavor you want! Flavors include regular (classic), hazelnut or caramel macchiato–just to name a few! If you’re looking for something on the sweeter side but not quite as indulgent as their donuts or muffins, try their vanilla latte made with real vanilla syrup and steamed milk (or soy milk if that’s your preference). For those who prefer their caffeine in liquid form instead of food form: espresso based drinks are available too! Order an americano which combines freshly brewed drip coffee with hot water or grab yourself an espresso macchiato made with two shots of espresso topped off with steamed milk

Hot Coffee Options

Dunkin Donuts serves fresh coffee. It’s brewed fresh, then served hot in a cup or mug. If you want to avoid the plastic cups, order your drink in a paper cup instead!

Iced Coffee Options

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Iced coffee is the same as hot coffee, but it’s served cold. It’s a great alternative to soda and can be ordered with or without cream, sugar and other flavors. The best part about iced coffee is that it comes in many delicious flavors!

Here are some of our most popular iced drinks:

  • Vanilla Iced Latte – A classic sweet treat! We brew our espresso with milk over ice then add vanilla syrup for a delicious treat that will make you want more! This drink is available hot too! You can even get this flavor as an Iced Caramel Macchiato if you want some extra caramel flavor added into the mix (and who doesn’t?).
  • Mocha Chip Frappe – If chocolate isn’t enough for you then try this one instead! We start off by blending rich chocolate chips into our hot mocha base then add ice cubes before topping everything off with whipped cream & powdered sugar dusting on top so people know how much effort went into making their drink just right.”

Espresso-Based Drinks

Espresso-based drinks are made with espresso and steamed milk. They’re stronger than regular coffee, and they’re typically served in small cups–often with a saucer to catch the foam. The cost of these drinks can vary depending on the type of espresso you order, but generally speaking they’ll be more expensive than other options on the menu.

Latte, Macchiato, Cappuccino and More!

Dunkin' Coffee Drinks Ranked Worst To Best

You can order any of these drinks in one of two ways: hot or iced. If you want your drink to be hot, simply ask for it as such. If you’re more in the mood for something cool, then say “iced” at the end of your order.

As far as how much milk goes into each drink goes–it depends on what kind of coffee drinker you are! Some people like their lattes more milky and less strong than others; some like their macchiatos on the lighter side while others prefer them darker and richer (like myself). Dunkin Donuts allows customers complete control over how much froth they want on top by offering four different options: no foam at all, just a little bit of foam but still mostly plain coffee; medium-sized bubbles floating atop their beverage; large bubbles floating atop their beverage; or full-blown whipped cream topping complete with sprinkles if desired!

Coffee at Dunkin Donuts is delicious, but there are a few things to keep in mind when ordering.

Dunkin Donuts has a variety of coffee drinks, and they’re all delicious. But there are a few things to keep in mind when ordering. First, Dunkin Donuts has hot and iced coffee options available at all times. Hot coffees include regular drip-brewed coffee as well as espresso-based drinks like lattes, macchiatos and cappuccinos (among others). Cold brew is also an option for those who prefer their caffeine chilled!

If you’re not sure what kind of drink would suit your tastes best–or even if you just want some suggestions–we’ve got some suggestions for what might be worth trying next time you step into the DD line:


In conclusion, we hope you enjoyed this guide to ordering coffee at Dunkin Donuts. The company has been around for decades and continues to offer some of the best coffee in America. Whether you’re looking for something hot or cold, there are plenty of options available at any location near you!

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