How to Make Stunning Coffee Filter Wreaths for Spring

Did you know that you can create a beautiful coffee filter wreath for spring using just a few supplies? With a little food coloring, you can make a wreath that will make your heart sing. This easy DIY project is perfect for adding a touch of color and charm to your home. So, why not give it a try?

Learn how to make a coffee filter wreath with just a few supplies you probably already have around your home. This pastel-dyed filter wreath is perfect for the spring months!

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Supplies Needed to Make a Coffee Filter Wreath:

  • Coffee filters (I used an entire package of 100 on my wreath)
  • Food coloring
  • Wreath form
  • Hot glue and a glue gun
  • Water
  • Bowl
  • Metal baking sheet
  • Pencil

All you need to make a coffee filter wreath is some coffee filters, food coloring and water.

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How to Make a Coffee Filter Wreath

First, let’s dye the coffee filters with food coloring. Fill a bowl with water and add the desired food coloring. You can mix colors to create unique shades. Dip the end of each coffee filter into the colored water and let the water wick up, coloring the entire filter. Place the dyed filters on a baking sheet to dry. You can make as many colors as you like, but I chose pink, green, purple, and yellow.

Start making your coffee filter wreath by dipping the coffee filters in the colored water.

Once the coffee filters are dry, it’s time to attach them to the wreath form. You can use any wreath form you prefer, but I recommend covering it with strips of white cotton material for easy removal and re-use. To attach the filters, simply put the eraser end of a pencil into each filter and secure them randomly in rows using a hot glue gun. Make sure to fill in the center of the wreath form as well.

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Begin attaching the colored coffee filters to your wreath form using hot glue.

Keep filling the coffee filter wreath until it’s nice and full. Don’t forget to add coffee filters to the inside surface. Once you’re satisfied with the fullness, hang your spring wreath on your front door. You can add a loop of ribbon on the back for easier hanging.

You can make this colorful spring coffee filter wreath with your favorite bright colors.

This coffee filter wreath is a simple yet stunning DIY project that will add a pop of color to your front door. It’s perfect for welcoming the spring season with its watercolor pastel look. You’ll be amazed at how something as ordinary as coffee filters can transform into a gorgeous wreath.

I love the watercolor pastel look of the colors on this Spring coffee filter wreath!

So, why not give it a try? Head over to Marmalade Cafe to find more inspiration for your spring decor. And remember, creating your own coffee filter wreath is not only a fun and creative activity but also a great way to add a personal touch to your home. Happy crafting!