How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of White Shoes

I love coffee and I’m sure you also love drinking coffee to start your day. It has great benefits and can boost your day. However, having coffee stains in your shoes is not a great way to start your day especially if your shoes are light-colored or leather and suede.

To remove the coffee stains, you’ll need a simple cleaning solution and a few cleaning supplies. Prepare a simple cleaning solution and remove the stain using these simple cleaning supplies:

The process of removing coffee stains on shoes varies. Dried coffee stains are a bit time-consuming while fresh coffee stains are easy to remove. Keep reading to learn about the process of removing coffee stains on most types of shoes as well as learn some tips on stain prevention and shoe care.

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Removing Coffee Stains On Canvas Shoes

Canvas Shoes remove coffee stain

Canvas shoes are very comfortable and simple. It’s a kind of shoes that are best paired on a variety of occasions and styles. However, they can get dirty so easily especially if they are light colors or white. So how do you remove coffee stains from your canvas shoes?

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Removing Coffee Stains On Leather Shoes

Leather Shoes remove coffee stain

Leather shoes are sturdy and fashionable, particularly on informal occasions and others, although you need to maintain them properly in order to last longer.

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Removing Coffee Stains On Suede Shoes

suede Shoes remove coffee stain

Suede shoes are known for their velvety texture and they are less sturdy compared to authentic leather shoes. That’s why suede shoes must be well maintained and properly cared for. If your coffee is spilled on your suede shoes, you should act immediately. Because this type of shoes can damage easily.

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Tips To Prevent Stains And Other Elements On Any Shoes


Once you have managed to remove the tough coffee stains in your shoes, maintaining the condition of your shoes should be a priority. Because I believe that it’s not enough to just get rid of those coffee stains but to properly care for the shoes — be it leather, suede, or canvas shoes.

Besides coffee stains, you need to watch out for other elements such as dirt, dust, weather, to name a few. These factors can damage your shoes especially if you don’t clean them properly or don’t clean them at all.

Here are some tips which I think is helpful in preventing stains and other elements on your shoes:

Buy A shoe Protection Spray – Shoe sprays a layer of invisible layer protection over your shoes. They are easy to apply and often last 2-4 weeks. (See article)

Invest In A Multi-Purpose Shoe Cleaner – If you own different types of shoes like myself, I recommend investing in a multi-purpose shoe cleaner. This type of shoe cleaning product is so versatile and extremely useful for various types of shoes such as suede, leather, and canvas.

Additionally, these are resistant to most shoe cleaning solutions. A multi-purpose shoe cleaner is extremely helpful and will prolong the good appearance of your shoes. I would also recommend using shoe cream or polish.

Consider Buying A Specific Stain Repellent For Shoes – Other than investing in a multi-purpose shoe cleaner, it’s much better to also invest in a stain repellent shoe that is formulated for a specific kind of shoe.

If your shoes are suede or leather, better buy a leather stain repellant. If your shoes are made from mesh or canvas, I think that most repellants will work.

I recommend pre-treat your shoes before wearing them by applying some stain repellent to keep them clean and preserve their good condition. Don’t forget to include the laces and soles too.

Shoes Must Be Away From Moisture – Shoes are susceptible to moisture and over time, it can be the root cause of bacteria growth causing the material to weaken and break down easily upon wearing the shoes.

To prevent any moisture, I use desiccants such as gels or silica pouches, making sure it’s free of bacteria and moisture.

In case you don’t have any silica, you can use old newspapers and stuff them in your shoes and replace them every week. Not only it’s cheap, but it’s also only efficient to drive away from the moisture.

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For White Canvas Shoes And White Sole – Both men and women love the color white in their sneakers. Even I have Stan Smith and Converse Chuck 70 which are both white colors.

What I would do with my white shoes is to clean them with a clean magic eraser dipped in a laundry detergent to remove the elements like dust, stains, etc.

White shoes can be aesthetically appealing but they also can get stains, dirt, not to mention coffee stains so easily. Just make sure you maintain them with extra care and often clean them after wearing them.

Baking Soda And Hydrogen Peroxide Can Make Your Shoes Shiny Again – After you have removed the coffee stains on your shoes if you’ll notice, your shoes lost their brightness due to the stain or maybe because of the detergent you have used.

But, there’s a quick solution to this problem. I have tried using hydrogen peroxide and baking paste and thankfully, both of them work. This is also applicable for old light-colored shoes.

What you’ll need is just a soft-bristled toothbrush and lightly dip it on hydrogen peroxide and baking soda paste then gently scrub all over your shoe. After that, you’ll notice that your old pair of shoes look brand new.

Watch Out For Your Shoes When Having Coffee – There’s no better way to prevent your shoes whether it’s suede, leather, or canvas from coffee stains than being too careful. Try not to spill your coffee is a good start to taking care of your shoes.

But, life happens. Sometimes there’s a moment of clumsiness in us. So, I think you need to be knowledgeable about getting coffee stains; even dirt, dust, and other elements.

In case you still don’t know how to remove coffee stains on shoes, I encourage you to scroll up and read it because it’s extremely helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Coffee Stains Permanent?

The good news is coffee stains can be removed regardless if it’s a dried stain or fresh spill. Because of their light brown color, they can be a hindrance to your shoes especially if the coffee stains have been fully soaked in and become dry.

The difficulty of removing coffee stains varies from one shoe to another. I have included some simple guides on how to remove coffee stains from your shoes.

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In case you have missed it, just scroll up a bit and you’ll see the simple guides on getting the coffee stains out of your shoes.

Can I Put My Shoes In The Washing Machine?

There are only certain types of shoes that you can put in the washing machine. Generally, they are made of materials such as polyester, cotton, and nylon. Those shoes are tennis shoes, canvas shoes, and running shoes. Leather and suede are not advisable to put in the washing machine.

Before you put your shoes in the washing machine, make sure you remove the insoles and laces first. Insoles should be wash by hand only while shoelaces could get tangled while on the machine.

I suggest that you use a liquid detergent for your shoes. Select only a low spin wash cycle as this ensures the cleaning will stay balanced.

Are The Steps Applicable To Older Coffee Stains On Shoes?

In case you forgot there’s a coffee stain on your shoes several days from now, I believe following the steps above can still be applicable in any shoes. However, you might need to repeat the steps in getting out the coffee stains from your shoes.

I recommend that you should allow your shoes to sit with laundry soap and water for several minutes to penetrate the deep stains.

However, I think that you shouldn’t let the coffee stains stay for too long on your shoes as this can damage your shoes while in the process of cleaning. If there are coffee stains on your shoes, you should act quickly on them.

Does Dish Soap Remove Coffee Stains On Leather Shoes?

I haven’t tried using bleach when removing coffee stains on my leather shoes. But I think it will work with the correct amount. Similar to baking soda, white vinegar, and cold water, dishwashing soap is a great solution in removing stains.

However, too much dish soap will damage the leather material of your shoes which can lead to drying, stiffness, cracking, and can leave some residue over time.

For the best result, I would recommend buying conditioners or cleaners that are meant for leather shoes.

Final Thoughts

Coffee stains on your shoes can look undesirable to look at more particularly if you are using leather shoes, suede shoes, and a white canvas shoe. If you happen to have coffee stains on your shoes, I think that you should act immediately on them.

Also, you need to be familiar with how to remove them from your shoes. The guides I have provided in this article are simple yet they are effective and less expensive. They are also applicable to most shoe kinds.

Besides knowing how to remove the coffee stains, shoes must be well kept and well maintained making sure your shoes will preserve their good condition and prolong their longevity.

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