How Long After Dental Cleaning Can I Drink Coffee

Coffee can stain your teeth more than most other drinks. Coffee is a dark liquid that can stain one’s teeth. You’ll need to avoid drinking too much coffee if you want to keep your teeth healthy and white.

You’ll especially need to avoid drinking coffee after a teeth cleaning session. Our team of expert dental professionals at Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA recommends you avoid coffee and other dark-colored drinks for a few hours after your dental cleaning to help ensure your teeth stay bright and clean while reducing the risk of tooth decay.

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Understanding the cleaning process

The dental cleaning process will often involve a fluoride application. Fluoride treatments are ideal following a teeth cleaning because it protects against tooth decay.

The fluoride treatment will require time to settle into your teeth and provide the protection they require. A general rule of thumb is to wait for at least 30 to 60 minutes after your teeth cleaning to consume any food or drinks, but you should avoid drinking coffee for a few hours.

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The specific threats of coffee

The problem with coffee is that it, like many other dark-colored beverages, will stain your teeth. The dark natural dyes found in coffee can enter the enamel and produce stains in little time.

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A dental cleaning at Byers Station Dental in Chester Springs, PA can help produce a white look to your teeth, but drinking coffee not long after your cleaning will cause those stains to appear once more. The process will keep the cleaning from being as effective as you would hope.

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What about cream or sugar?

You might consider drinking coffee with cream or sugar before the suggested wait time since they can create a lighter look. But doing so may do more harm to your teeth after a dental cleaning. Cream and sugar can break down the fluoride you receive during your treatment. The fluoride will no longer be effective enough in preventing tooth decay due to it breaking apart.

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What can you do instead?

Drinking tap water is a better idea to consider after your cleaning. You can drink water for a few hours after the cleaning to ensure your teeth can absorb the fluoride it receives while preventing stains from prematurely appearing again. Tap water can also work well if it contains fluoride, as many local water supplies have been treated with fluoride.

Remember to avoid coffee for a few hours after the cleaning. While you can stick with other drinks that don’t contain sugars or dark dyes, be sure to keep away from coffee for a bit longer to be safe.

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