How Do You Like Your Coffee Meme

This article is full of Free Funny Coffee memes for you to enjoy. The section I enjoy the most is how do you take your coffee meme.

For coffee addicts and casual coffee lovers a like morning coffee is more than life – it is life itself.

Nothing moves without coffee.

It wakes us up, gives us a perk in the afternoon and keeps us going. We even enjoy a good cup of coffee after an evening meal. A good coffee, caffeine-free, tastes great late at night.

Literally, anytime of the day or night is a good time for coffee.

And my fellow coffee enthusiasts will know that coffee, literally, is love – we often meet for first dates with a boy/girl for coffee. That is how important a simple cup of coffee is.

Coffee, a cool coffee fact here – it is not only the second most traded commodity in the world behind oil – it is by far, the most traded commodity that we can consume.

Let’s get down and get on with these how do you take your coffee memes and have a little giggle.

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How Do You Take Your Coffee Meme

1. Einstein

This is how Einstein takes his coffee – we bless him for his Genius.

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A Funny Coffee Meme

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2. How To Take Your Coffee Meme

There is a degree of truth in this coffee meme – don’t call me, summon me!

How To Take Your Coffee Meme
Literally, this is how you summon me

3. When Someone Says They Don’t Drink Coffee

Seriously, is there actually someone in the world that doesn’t drink coffee? Who are these people? Is it an urban myth?

Huh…? The face We Make

4. Coffee At Home Vs At The Coffee Shop

Guilty as charged – And I know many who are. This meme made me giggle, as I am not an early morning person at all.

Coffee At Home
You know it’s true!

5. This Is How I Take My Coffee

Just one cup for me in the morning, thank you, very much…

Just One Cup…

6. How Do You Take Your Coffee And Toast?

It is a great question – for me, it is 4B, how do you take your coffee and toast in the morning?

How Do You Take Your Coffee And Toast
It Is 4B for me – How About You?

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7. Too Much Coffee

Note: You can actually drink too much coffee, well, not so much coffee – it’s the caffeine content. Caffeine can get toxic if you have over 30 cups of coffee per day – that is almost 2 cups per hour while awake, allowing for a normal sleep time of 8 hours.

Do be careful of these new super high caffeine coffees – 1 or 2 of them already have a toxic dosage in one single cup of coffee.

We’ve all had that call…

8. The Smile When I Have My First Coffee

Literally, this is how I look when I have my first coffee of the week on a Monday morning…I bet you do too!

The Smile I have First Coffee
The Smile I have First Coffee

9. This Is Why It Is A Sippy Cup

Just in case you are curious, this is exactly why the takeaway coffee cup is an adult sippy cup. I bet you would love a cup of coffee this big on a Monday morning!

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Now I know why its a sippy cup!

10. Anger Management Is Expensive

Sometimes it is not about how you take your coffee, but why….

Anger Management Meme
It Is True, Sooo True

11. How Do I Take My Coffee

Seriously, this is me, I take it seriously, very seriously…eyeing my barista ensuring it is served perfectly and perfectly brewed.

Come on! I love great coffee. (I even eye their coffee machine to ensure it is clean, properly clean).

12. Help Me, Caffeine, Help Me

In the after world and after life I hope there is still someone to serve me coffee. I’ll hang around my local coffee shop for the scent of amazing coffee.

Help Me Caffeine

13. Don’t Talk To Me

When your coffee tank is running on empty, and you need that boost, no matter the time of day.

Coffee Before Conversation

14. I Need Coffee Now!

And when it gets serious…and you need coffee NOW!

Coffee drinkers know that coffee has a whole lot of benefits outside an energy boost. Stepping aside from coffee memes, coffee jokes and coffee puns, coffee can help to support brain health, weight management, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and a reduction in depression to name a few.

I Need Coffee Now

15. Coffee Can be Poetic

Coffee, of course, is something that can help you with your creative side and even inspire you to be creative. You can even be inspired to write poetry like this.

Poetic Coffee

16. Procaffeinating To Prevent Procrastination

You know it’s true, every coffee drinker knows it is true, coffee is great for helping you deal with procrastination. The world starts after coffee!


17. Drink Coffee To Do Stupid Things Faster

Coffee doesn’t make you smart and intelligent. It gives us a jump start, so we can keep going…with more energy and speed.

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More Free Funny Coffee Memes

If you love just a sip of coffee or entire pots of coffee to yourself, or if you are a bonafide real coffee connoisseur you will love coffee jokes, coffee puns and funny coffee memes.

Here are more free funny coffee memes to enjoy, giggle with and share.

18. The Reason Water Exists

We all know that famous Da Vinci quote about water being the vehicle for life – he probably said that before his morning coffee. And a morning without coffee would…dampen the urge to kill!