Hot Shot Coffee Shark Tank


Do you love the convenience of canned beverages? How about enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee directly from a can? That’s exactly what Danny Grossfeld, the founder of HotShot, is bringing to the table. In a bid to replicate the massive success of canned hot beverages in Japan, Grossfeld introduced HotShot as the first ready-to-drink hot beverage company in the USA.

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A Warm Cup of Innovation

Cans of HotShot coffee are designed to keep the beverage at a perfect 140-degree temperature. This feat is achieved with the aid of a “HotBox,” a heated refrigerator, and a special insulated label over the aluminum cans. The coffee itself is made from Arabica beans, carefully roasted to perfection, and delivers a fresh, full-bodied flavor.

HotShot offers a range of delectable flavors for coffee enthusiasts to choose from, including French Vanilla, Espresso, Caramel, and Hot Chocolate. With HotShot, you can enjoy the rich taste of freshly brewed coffee right out of a can.

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From Japan to the Sharks

The story behind HotShot began in 2009 when Danny Grossfeld discovered the popularity of hot coffee in cans during a visit to Japan. Inspired by the $14 billion hot beverage market in Japan, he embarked on a six-year journey to develop and perfect his own canned coffee brand.

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Danny appeared on Shark Tank seeking $300K in exchange for a 10% stake in his business. Although he faced some skepticism from the Sharks, with Chris Sacca even confessing to running a competing company, Danny’s passion and determination shone through.

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A Shark Tank Fiasco

Despite Danny’s best efforts, the Sharks did not see the potential in HotShot. Kevin expressed his ruthless business mindset, stating that if a venture fails to make money within 36 months, it’s time to pull the plug. Eventually, all of the Sharks declined to invest.

Rising from the Ashes

While the Shark Tank experience may have seemed like a setback, it didn’t deter Danny from pursuing his dream. Hot Shot underwent a complete website overhaul and started taking pre-orders for their innovative HotBox. The company’s perseverance paid off when they secured distribution deals with major players, including S.K. I. Beverage and Cirque du Soleil.

Today, you can find HotShot’s HotBoxes in movie theaters, convenience stores, and even Walt Disney World. With revenue reaching $2 million annually, HotShot has become a rising star in the ready-to-drink coffee market.


HotShot’s journey from a rejected Shark Tank pitch to becoming a successful player in the coffee industry is an inspiring testament to the power of perseverance and belief in one’s vision. If you’re in search of a convenient way to enjoy a delicious cup of hot coffee, why not give HotShot a shot? Visit the Marmalade Cafe for more information and be a part of the canned coffee revolution!