High Mountain Arabica Coffee Jack In The Box

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Boba tea is a cold-served beverage with a tea base and features edible tapioca pearls that give the drink a scrumptious texture. The beverage is typically flavored with milk or fruit. But since its popularity is steadily rising — you could say it’s a craze — all types of boba drinks have been hitting the market, including boba coffee. For example, Jack-in-the-Box just announced that it is adding three Boba tea options to selected locations. Right now the restaurant is testing the drinks in three cities in California — San Diego, Long Beach and Torrance. The three flavors are Iced Coffee with Boba, Milk Tea with Boba and Vanilla Shake with Boba.

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Best Iced Coffee with Boba

Iced Coffee with Boba

The recipe for Jack in the Box’s Iced Coffee with Boba calls for chilled High Mountain Arabica coffee that’s flavored with sweetened cream and vanilla. The refreshing beverage is served over ice and features a tantalizing brown sugar topping.

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Best Milk Tea with Boba

Milk Tea with Boba

If tea is more to your liking, the Milk Tea with Boba is very similar to the Iced Coffee with Boba. However, instead of Arabica coffee, the base for this beverage is freshly brewed tea. It’s poured over ice and flavored with sweetened cream, vanilla and brown sugar.

Best Vanilla Shake with Boba

Vanilla Shake with Boba

If sweetness is what you crave, the Vanilla Shake with Boba is the ultimate. You get an irresistibly thick and creamy vanilla shake taken to the next level with brown sugar. And the best part of all, your indulgent beverage comes with a gorgeous whipped topping.

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Since the Jack in the Box testing market is limited, you might want to get your own boba tea supplies so you can enjoy them right now. Luckily, there is an abundance of products available.

Best J Way Instant Boba Bubble Pearl Variety

J Way Instant Boba Bubble Pearl Variety

With this popular kit, you can make boba tea in minutes. It comes with milk tea and other powders along with brown sugar, caramel and fruity boba. For your convenience and drinking pleasure, the kit includes extra-wide paper straws.

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jack-in-the-box-boba-tea-best-Bubble Tea Set

Bubble Tea Set

If you like a particular flavor, this boba tea set is for you. It comes with everything you need to make five boba teas at home. The kits are available in caramel, coffee, matcha, black tea, taro and Thai tea. Purchase also includes five bubble tea straws.

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Best Strawberry Boba Pearls

Strawberry Boba Pearls

If it’s just the flavorful pearls that you want, this highly rated, popular option is best. It comes with 2 pounds of strawberry treats that you can add to nearly anything to create your own boba tea beverages. These pearls are also available in pomegranate, passion fruit and mango.

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Best The Ultimate DIY Bubble Tea Kit

The Ultimate DIY Bubble Tea Kit

For the connoisseur with expensive tastes, we present this ultimate bubble tea kit. It comes with enough ingredients to make 36 drinks in a variety of flavors, such as coconut, mango, milk tea, Thai and more.

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Best Lady Boba Milk Bubble Tea in Cans

Lady Boba Milk Bubble Tea in Cans

If you want that boba tea so bad you don’t even have time to make it yourself, we have a solution. Lady Boba’s milk bubble tea is conveniently packaged in cans. Just pop the top and enjoy. This case of 12 cans comes in four flavors: classic, brown sugar, taro and matcha latte.

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