Great Value French Roast Coffee

[spoiler title=’Click here to read the transcript. ‘ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’] hey welcome to coffee coffee coffee your place for average Joe coffee reviews

today’s coffee is a French roast which got me thinking I could probably French

braid this hair about now so today we are reviewing great value great value

French roast is 100% Arabica coffee it’s supposed to be dark bold and toasty so

right very dark like four four beans I guess four I don’t know a whole four

beaner yeah so we’ve already done one great value coffee espresso roast and we

really liked it right spoiler alert in case you haven’t seen the video but this

is what it is again when you brought it in it was like oh man

yeah review great value coffee and I was so disappointed but yeah I think that

the four you can see how they’re the four beans one two three four

there’s no more room true yes I think four is probably there yeah beany STM

not beanie but the darkest to the darkest darkest roast so yeah Walmart we

all know about Walmart we paid three dollars and eighty-eight cents for this

twelve ounce bag of coffee which is inexpensive it is cheap well almost

super cheap with our five dollar per pound line this is five dollars and

seventeen cents per pound but it’s it’s right there with original Folgers mm-hmm

and all of that so let’s tell you what we taste when we drink it yeah cuz is it

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toasty yeah price doesn’t really matter if it’s crappy coffee

but I gotta say it’s not crappy coffee it’s not crappy coffee is really good

yeah coffee I mean surprisingly and I think yeah and it’s it’s roasty for sure

they say toasty you know we are just average joes yeah is it really is there a difference

do people know what is the line between toasty and roasty I think I think

definitely roasty yeah speaking of do people know kayla had just looked at an

article about great value coffee now it wasn’t this roast but it was the great

value Columbian medium roast is right and it was a blind taste test that Walmart

did not put on and it beat yeah Starbucks it was a consumer report

study you know they are they’re like very you know to the letter they and

they don’t take you know sponsorship money or something that so yeah because

I was googling this because I was so baffled that we would really think that

this is good coffee I kind of thought are we like way off our rocker right now

or what’s going on but it is it’s fantastic coffee I would say who knew

who knew great value coffee would be good and so this is certainly one that is

readily available I would think the last one we reviewed the espresso was not

available online mmm I could not find it even on

Walmart’s website but the French Roast it’s available in a bag even the can you

can probably get it for cheaper than five dollars a pound yeah

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in the can I think actually I looked at it and it was 488 for a pound but you

have to buy like 3 pounds but I think give it a whirl I mean it’s half the cost of

Starbucks mm-hmm yeah and plus you’re not drinking Starbucks people hate

Starbucks people hate Walmart for different reasons

mm-hmm they’re both corporations we we go to both places

yeah but Walmart much more often yes yeah because Starbucks doesn’t have

sewer hoses so I’d say that we’d give this one I think three and a half

have a little bit of a bitterness yeah I actually enjoyed but some people might

be you know right a little bit put off by but you know with the darker

roast you do get kind of more like the bitter kind of thing maybe go yeah but

but it’s good certainly overall and with the price

have you had any great value coffees that you find are just like hey I had no

idea this was a great value coffee and then especially this French Roast if

you’ve had it before let us know what you thought about it or if you’re

looking for it and can’t find it certainly look on right

because that’s where I saw it for sure and you can probably pick it up from

Amazon or something like that but anyway we want to hear from you and let us know

about it yeah yeah alright well thanks for joining us for another review and

until next time keep grindin [/spoiler]

Brand: Great Value Roast: Dark / French Price per pound: $5.17 Flavors we detected / other notes: Roasty, Bitter Overall rating: Would we buy it again? Yes

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You can buy this coffee at Walmart or on their website here:

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