Goat Kick Coffee Co Evans: A Fresh Coffee Experience

Are you tired of the same old coffee shops and mundane brews? Get ready for an extraordinary coffee adventure that combines legend, passion, and unbeatable flavors. Introducing Goat Kick Coffee Company, a brand-new coffee shop set to open its doors in the heart of Evans. Join Natalie Jacobs and John Bojescul as they bring their unique vision to life in the bustling Evans Society Center.

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The Legend Behind the Name

Goat Kick Coffee Company derives its name from an enchanting ancient legend that originated in Ethiopia. It tells the tale of a goatherder whose goats feasted on fruit from a mysterious tree. The fruit made them utterly energetic, preventing them from falling asleep. Little did the goatherder know that these “fruits” were actually coffee beans. Inspired by this captivating story and the energy that coffee provides, Natalie and John embarked on a journey to create a coffee experience like no other.

Barista Jennifer Bojescul and co-owner Natalie Jacobs
Barista Jennifer Bojescul and co-owner Natalie Jacobs with Goat Kick’s roaster. (Photos by Josh Heath)

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From Roastery to Trailer

While the physical storefront is yet to debut, Goat Kick Coffee Company already boasts a thriving roastery at the intersection of Columbia and North Belair roads in Evans. Additionally, a delightful coffee trailer ventures to various locations, spreading joy one cup at a time. You can find their mobile coffee haven in the parking lot at MedNow Urgent Care in the same shopping center as the roastery, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. And if you’re craving that perfect cup of joe on a Saturday, they often make an appearance at the Evans Market.

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“We’ve gone to neighborhoods, organized teacher appreciation events, and shared our love for coffee,” says Natalie Jacobs, co-founder of Goat Kick Coffee Company.

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A Transition Driven by Passion

Embarking on a career in the coffee industry may seem like a leap of faith, but for Natalie, it was a natural progression of her lifelong passion. Before immersing herself in the world of coffee, she spent five years running a successful business on Etsy. This prior experience in managing a business and handling intricate projects prepared her well for the challenges of running a mobile coffee shop.

Goat Kick’s roastery is currently located at Columbia and Belair roads.
Goat Kick’s roastery is currently located at Columbia and Belair roads.

The Science Behind the Perfect Cup

According to Natalie, crafting the perfect cup of coffee is a scientific endeavor that requires precision and expertise. From the precise ratio of coffee to water to the meticulous selection of coffee beans, Goat Kick Coffee Company takes pride in delivering a superior coffee experience. But their menu doesn’t end with coffee alone. Expect a delightful array of teas, smoothies, and delectable breakfast, lunch, and dessert options. In fact, Natalie looks forward to treating customers to mouthwatering desserts before they attend shows at the nearby performing arts center.

Research and Dedication

To excel in the coffee business, it’s essential to immerse yourself in its rich and diverse world. Both Natalie and Jennifer Bojescul, the assistant manager and head barista – as well as John’s daughter – emphasize the importance of research and continuous learning.

“Fully immerse yourself in the business,” advises Jennifer. “It’s crucial to understand every aspect of what you’re getting yourself into.”

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Natalie regularly plunges into books and podcasts about coffee, striving to offer her customers an unforgettable experience that is imbued with knowledge and passion.

Unveiling the Evans Society Center

Goat Kick Coffee Company is just one exciting component of the Evans Society Center, which will also house three additional units and a free-standing restaurant. While the exact business hours are yet to be determined, Natalie and John are considering operating from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Prepare to embark on a coffee journey like no other as Goat Kick Coffee Company becomes an integral part of the vibrant Evans community.

For more information and updates, visit the Goat Kick Coffee Company. Get ready to embrace a coffee experience that will kickstart your day in the most remarkable way.

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