Funny Sayings On Coffee Mugs

Is anything better than that first sip of warm coffee? 64% of Americans sure seem to think since they drink at least one cup every day.

People sure love their java, which is exactly why custom coffee mugs are such amazing gifts. This is especially true when they’re printed with a creative coffee mug saying. These fun coffee puns will bring the buzz just as much as the caffeine.

Here are 50 fun coffee mug sayings that everyone is sure to love a latte!

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Better Latte Than Never

You may hit “snooze” on your alarm once or twice (okay…five times). Still, this creative coffee mug saying is proof that it’s better latte than never! Keep this mug handy on those days when you just don’t want to get out of bed, a.k.a. Mondays.

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Shh…Coffee Before Talkie

Do you know someone who is a total grump in the morning? They’ll get a kick out of these funny coffee mugs! Get it printed on a tall ceramic mug, and give it as a gift to anyone who side-eyes the sunrise.

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Espresso Yourself

Dr. Dre, Easy-E, Arabian Prince, and Ice Cube told you to “Express Yourself” in their hit song from the 80s. Now it’s time to “espresso yourself” by sipping from this cute coffee mug.

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All You Need is Love Caffeine

Coffee is love! Pay homage to your passion for caffeine by printing this fun quote on a mug. You can even take the decoration to the next level with free clipart of a heart.

You Mocha Me Crazy

It’s a crazy morning. Your spouse or kids are driving you nuts! We’ve all been there, so lighten the mood by sipping from a mug decorated with this creative saying.

Life is Brew-tiful

Birds singing aren’t the only lovely noise on a beautiful morning! Listen to the sweet sounds of coffee dripping into the pot, and have your “Life is Brew-tiful” mug ready to fill.

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Steaming Hot

Do you like your coffee like you like your dates – hot and strong?! This funny coffee mug saying is perfect for you. Print it on a mug and give it as a gift to a special someone on Valentine’s Day!

Cool Beans!

Show off your coffee love by printing this cute saying on an insulated travel mug. You can fill it up every time you’re in the mood for a cup of iced coffee.

Warms the Heart

Coffee is a hug in a mug! Scientists claim that coffee stimulates the release of dopamine in your brain – a chemical known for causing euphoria and happiness. Print this saying on your mug to feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy!

You’re Under A-Roast

Hands in the air – you’re under a-roast for not brewing another pot of coffee after drinking the first! These funny coffee mugs are a great gifts for police officers, or anyone who works in law enforcement.

The Daily Grind

Some people hustle around in the morning to get the kids ready for school. Others hit the gym for an early workout and then go work in construction. Whatever your daily grind, you’ll love sipping from a coffee mug with this saying.

Sip Happens

Sip definitely happens, especially after you have that third cup of coffee in the morning! Give this mug to someone with a crude sense of humor. You can even print a poop emoji next to the saying.

Mean Mug

If you bother someone in the morning before they have coffee, then they might have to bust out their mean mug! This funny coffee mug saying turns this popular 2000s slang on its head.

Brewing Up Trouble

Are you looking for Halloween giveaways? Print “Brewing Up Trouble” in a witchy font on custom soup mugs, and hand them out to all your guests. These fun mugs are perfect for spooky season treats like apple cider or savory pumpkin soup!

Livin’ La Vida Mocha

Ricky Martin may not be on the radio anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be “livin’ la vida mocha!” Print this funny coffee mug quote on a colorful mug, and give it to your favorite 90s kid.

Mugs & Kisses

If you need wedding favors or baby shower prizes, then you’ll love these cute coffee mugs! Print the saying on a camping mug and then fill it up with Hershey’s Kisses, graham crackers, and marshmallows. Coffee and s’mores? Yes please!

French Press & Then Bench Press

Ooh, la, la! This coffee mug saying is for anyone who drinks coffee before hitting the gym. Use a

swirly font to print this quote, and enjoy sipping from it before or after you gain those muscles!

Love You a Latte

Love (and caffeine) is all you need! Get the warm fuzzies from more than just your coffee by printing this cute saying on your cup. It’s the perfect quote to go next to a picture on a photo mug.

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee

“Wake up and smell the coffee” is a classic saying that’s been in the American lexicon since the 1940s. It means you’re coming to grips with the reality of a situation, and in the morning that reality is how much you need coffee!

Queen of Caffeine

All hail the queen – the Queen of Caffeine! Rule over a tough morning by pouring your coffee into a mug printed with this quote. Top it with a little tiara, and you’ll feel like royalty!

Feelin’ Mug-nificent!

Sure, this coffee mug saying is cheesy, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun! Print this quote on a cool iridescent mug, and give it as a gift to anyone in your life who enjoys a life of glitz and glamour.

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May the Coffee Be With You

Nerds drink coffee, too! Star Wars fans are sure to feel the force if they use this funny mug in the mornings. Try to find a coffee mug that comes with full color printing, so you can go all out with the design.

Sip It, Sip It Good!

Go back to the 80s with this coffee mug saying! You can even double down on the retro vibes by printing the quote on a neon mug. Leg warmers are optional!

“You Can Do It!” – Coffee

We can all use a motivational quote to put some pep in our steps. Listen to the wise words of coffee, and remember you got this! This saying is funny, but it also jumpstarts your self-confidence on mornings when you’re feeling “blah.”

Welcome to the Great Day Café

Positivity starts first thing in the morning. Your coffee cup will seem half full if it’s decorated with this cute saying. With this mug in your hand, it’s hard not to wake up on the right side of the bed!

Excuse the Bed Head, Coffee’s Still Brewing

Crazy hair, don’t care! You probably look wild in the mornings before you’ve had a cup of coffee. Embrace your bed head by sipping from a mug printed with this saying.

Bona Fide Caf-Fiend

Do you have more than two cups of coffee every morning? You are definitely a bona fide “caf-fiend.” Feel proud to be a coffeeholic by printing this mug saying on a stylish cup.


Nothing is more purrfect than a tasty cup of coffee! Cat lovers are sure to love this cute coffee mug saying. Just be sure to mix in milk with your coffee when you use this cup!

Mr. Coffee/Mrs. Coffee

Wedding bells are ringing! If you need gifts for an engagement party or bridal shower, look no further than this adorable pair of coffee mugs. The couple that drinks coffee together, stays together!

Spill the Beans

Don’t spill the beans when you’re grinding them for more coffee. You also shouldn’t spill the beans if you’re keeping someone’s secret. The only time it’s okay is when you’re sipping from these fun coffee mugs!

Wake Me Up When the Coffee’s Ready

This coffee mug says it all! Why bother rolling out of bed before the coffee is brewing? Wait until the pot is ready and then pour your caffeine in one of these cups. Now if you can just convince your partner to serve you breakfast in bed…

I Keep Procaffeinating

Your to-do list isn’t going to tackle itself, but it’s hard not to keep procaffeinating. Pour your caffeine in a custom travel mug printed with this funny quote, and you can work as you sip your hot drink.

Bean There, Done That!

Here’s a mug for the worldly souls who’ve traveled the world! Your imported coffee will taste divine if you sip it from a cup printed with this clever saying.

My Favorite Actor? Al Cappuccino

Say “hello” to my little friend – Al Cappuccino. This funny coffee mug saying is awesome for any cinephile, especially those who love old gangster movies. It’s even for those who have bad taste in films (Pacino starred Gigli and Jack and Jill).

A Latte on My Mind

Bills, appointments, chores, errands, projects…there is so much to think about every day. Take a coffee break so you can have a latte on your mind instead of a lot on your mind. You’ll feel rejuvenated for the day ahead.

Sip Me Baby One More Time

My lack of coffee is killing me (and I), I must confess I crave caffeine (crave caffeine). Those might actually be the lyrics to Britney Spears’s 90s hit song, but you’ll feel that way when you drink from a mug decorated with this funny saying.

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But First, Coffee.

You slept for 8 hours, and you’re feeling pretty good. Before you really kick things into gear, you need to have some coffee! Decorate your mug with this short, quippy quote and have a good day ahead.

Love is in the Air & It Smells Like Coffee

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The smell of pancakes, sizzling bacon, and freshly brewed coffee is pure bliss. Print this coffee mug saying on the cups, and everyone will feel that love, even if it’s early in the morning.

Hot, Sweet, & Strong

Who needs Tinder?! Your meet-cute will happen with this adorable custom coffee mug. It’s hot, sweet, and strong – everything you want in a partner. Swipe right on this cup, and you’ll have a new soulmate (coffee mate?).

Coffee Keeps Me Grounded

Who knows what you would be like without coffee? You may even turn into a monster as scary as the giant spiders in the movie Eight Legged Freaks! Everyone will be a lot safer if you drink caffeine from this coffee mug.

Coffee O’ Clock

Set the alarm for “coffee o’ clock;” there’s no point getting up any earlier! Keep this mug on the counter next to the pot, so you can get your fix as soon as the coffee’s done brewing.

Coffee Loading, Please Wait

Loading is the worst when you’re watching a video on YouTube or Netflix. It’s also pretty tough when you’re waiting for the coffee pot to start up in the morning. Let your family know to keep their distance while it “loads” with this funny mug.

Coffee is a Work of Pod-ern Art

According to the National Coffee Association, single-serve pods (or K-Cups) are sold more than triple any other coffee types on Amazon. This funny mug saying is perfect for anyone devoted to their Keurig. It’s also a great gift for artists.

Caffeination & World Domination

Evil geniuses need coffee just as much as the good guys. However, you can’t take over the planet without first having a cup of coffee. Brew your favorite blend, and then go brew up some trouble!

Coffee Because Adulting is Hard

Being an adult is tough. Thankfully, we can count on coffee to get us through all the adulting we have to do. Print this saying on a mug, and give it to a friend as a gift. The gesture is sure to make them feel like a kid again!

Less Monday, More Coffee

58% of Americans say Monday is their least favorite day of the week. “Less Monday, More Coffee’ is the perfect mug saying to see first thing in the morning. It will make you smile and feel better about saying “goodbye” to the weekend.

Coffee & Cream Are the Perfect Team

Meet the dream team – coffee & cream! If you take your cream and sugar with a little coffee, you need this mug in your kitchen cabinet. Take the design to the next level by printing a cute illustration of coffee and cream holding hands.

Life Happens. Coffee Helps.

Life is known to throw some curveballs. You’ll be ready to knock them out of the park with this coffee mug saying by your side. It’s a reminder that even if things get crazy, you always have coffee to get you through.

It’s Bean One of Those Days

Sleep is for the weak! Be ready to party into the wee hours by drinking late night coffee from this mug. It’s decorated with the perfect saying for the action-packed evening you have ahead of you.

Good Coffee, Good Morning

Morning birds, this one’s for you! Drink from this cup of cheer, and you’ll feel like your best self. Even the night owls will feel more perky in the morning if they sip from this adorable mug.

Final Thoughts

The coffee mug sayings in this list are here to give you inspiration, whether you want holidays gifts or a cool mugs to give away as trade show swag. You may have a lot of coffee mugs in your kitchen, but you’ll have room for one more if it’s printed with something clever.

Customize your mugs with one of these quotes, and you’ll get more positive buzz than what’s found in the caffeine!


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