Frank Body Coffee Scrub Review

From the rise of social media, came the rise of ‘frank body,’ an Australian skin-care brand that affectionately calls you and 6 million others, Babe. Launched in prehistoric times (2013), the iconic Original Coffee Scrub was debuted. The internet went crazy for this bag full of coffee grounds, skyrocketing ‘frank body’ to the top of the skin-care scene. Landing an article in Forbes, ‘frank body’ became a multi-million dollar company showcasing their notably vegan, and sustainable products. Now that’s the type of company QUILL can get behind! With credentials like this, I just had to review ‘frank body’s’ newest adaptation of their iconic scrub; the Cacao Coffee Scrub.

The product features an impressive list of ingredients, headlining robusta coffee, cacao extract, and vitamin E. Using these VIP components together, your skin is promised exfoliation, hydration, and brightness.When it comes to my own skin, the voice of my dermatologist rings in my ears, preaching about my persistent acne, “stop touching!” and “use this $200 cream!” So, with the Cacao Coffee Scrub’s promise of fading stretch marks and toning uneven skin all at a price of $18.95, I was sold.

Upon setting eyes on my pastel purple package, my 13 year old self squealed with feminine delight; which gave me, now 21, pause. Upon further inspection, the words, “Warning: contents smell like cake and boys may fight over you like you’re the last slice.” made my recently broken heart recoil. Ugh. My new self-care routine is now taunting me – I do that enough myself! Taking it with a grain of sal- coffee bean, I decided violence is never the answer, but the smell of cake always is, so I must try it anyway.

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I opened the package, and my nose was greeted with the dizzying smell of…chocolate flavored coffee beans. Ground until grainy and slightly moist to the touch, the scrub seemed to live up to the product description.

As instructed, I got naked, turned on the shower and took a handful of the scrub out of the waterproof pouch. The handful covered both my legs, but another two were needed for the rest of my body. As I began to rub the scrub into my skin, I basked in the exfoliating factors, thoroughly enjoying the rough feel of the grounds. As I washed away the areas that had been scrubbed, I immediately felt the hydrating factors. My skin, usually quite stale and dry, felt soft and flexible wherever the scrub had been. After one use, my skin felt like it had been reborn, genuinely defying all expectations.

The downsides? Although most ‘frank body’ products tout their acne benefits, when dealing with sensitive acne-prone skin scented scrubs are not your best bet (I learned this the hard way). Similar to a trip to the beach, when put on wet skin the grains stuck like sand to damp feet, making cleanup a bit tedious. This is further seen when it comes to drainage—since the grounds are not granules, they do not fully dissolve, leading to drain issues on my end.

‘frank body,’ you have truly thrown me for a loop. The Cacao Coffee Scrub primarily intrigued me with its ingredients, then confused me with its packaging/cryptic messaging, and finally surpassed my expectations with effectiveness.

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As a sustainable, vegan, PETA approved, skin-care line, ‘frank body,’ hits many targets we have yet to see with mainstream products. This type of dedication is notable, and is a large part of why this company was reviewed. The proof, as they say, is in the pudding; when credible ingredients are used, the skin it is treating is effectively nurtured. I admire this brand for this reason and would recommend it for efficacy.

However, for a company that promotes inclusivity there are clear deficits. Skin is skin, no matter the gender, sexual orientation, race, or ethnicity. There is no need to gender products so bluntly. Unfortunately, the society we live in conditions us to perceive certain colors, and words to be feminine or masculine, which is especially prevalent in the world of marketing.

Gaining mass popularity, ‘frank body’ should be mindful of their gender leaning products- which promotes a heteronormative culture. If the Cacao Coffee Scrub becomes part of someone’s self-care routine, messaging that emphasizes self-worth be determined by men is damaging. A product that is supposed to nourish, and rejuvenate should do just that, without projecting ideas about femininity. For this, I close my coffee scrub review by saying ‘frank body,’ do better.

Did my review of Frank Body’s Cacao Coffee Scrub help you? What are your thoughts on their overtly-sexual marketing? Sound off in the comments.

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