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Have you ever wondered about the iconic red-coated figures that stand motionless outside Buckingham Palace? While they may appear like mere tourist attractions, don’t let their stillness fool you. The Queen’s Guard is actually one of the most elite, highly trained, and secretive groups of soldiers in the world. In this article, we’ll delve into the mysterious world of these subtle warriors and uncover the secrets that will change the way you perceive them forever.

First National Bank Of Coffee County
First National Bank Of Coffee County

The Royal Bodyguards: A History of Service

The Royal Guard traces its roots back to at least 1660, a time when the British monarch held absolute power. As the most powerful individuals in England, they required utmost security. These soldiers were not just statuesque figures; they were fearsome warriors who played crucial roles in England’s military victories. Even today, the standards for the Queen’s Guard have become stricter, with only the highest-performing officers and military personnel considered for this prestigious position.

The Rigorous Qualifications

Becoming a member of the Queen’s Guard is no easy feat. Prospective recruits must meet stringent physical, mental, and experiential conditions. Standing at a minimum height of 5 foot 10, guardsmen are known for their towering presence. They must also belong to one of the seven exclusive regiments of the British army, which are by recommendation only. In other words, they have to be handpicked for the honor of joining the Royal Guard.

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The Stoic Sentinels: No Smiling Allowed

You may have tried to elicit a reaction from one of the guards, perhaps with a joke or a funny face. However, let me warn you – these guards are bound by an oath of restraint. Regardless of what happens around them, the guards cannot react or respond unless physically touched or violently threatened. Their solemn oath prohibits even a smile while on duty. Breaking this code of conduct doesn’t result in mere termination; it can lead to imprisonment. So, if you ever get a guard to crack a smile, consider a career in comedy!

Never Underestimate Their Resolve

One might be tempted to test the guards’ limits, thinking they are nothing more than static figures. However, that would be a grave mistake. Messing with a Royal Guard is a one-way ticket to the emergency room. These highly skilled soldiers will not tolerate any assault or physical interference. They are trained to take down anyone who crosses that line. So, it’s wise to remember that even though they may not move willingly, they are fully capable of defending themselves with explosive force.

Unwavering Dedication: No Breaks, Even for Nature’s Call

Being a member of the Queen’s Guard is a serious commitment. A guard never abandons their post, no matter the circumstances. This includes refraining from bathroom breaks. If nature calls, they simply hold it until the end of their shift. While this may sound challenging, a typical guard’s shift lasts around 2 hours of standing and 4 hours of patrolling and other duties. Nevertheless, any breach of duty, no matter how seemingly minor, can result in imprisonment.

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The Strength in Uniform

The Royal Guard’s uniform is not just for show; it carries historical significance. The coats they wear can weigh up to 8 pounds, and in rainy London, they can become even heavier. However, the most striking feature of their attire is the massive black bearskin hats, made from actual bearskin. Weighing between 5 and 13 pounds, these hats require exceptional neck strength to support. Guards have some of the strongest necks in the world, as they are accustomed to holding up more than double the weight of an average human head.

Fainting to Attention: The Ultimate Test

It may come as a surprise, but members of the Royal Guard are so tenacious that they won’t even move when they faint! The combination of heavy clothing, sweltering heat, and the requirement to maintain a rigid stance can cause guards to occasionally faint from heat stroke. Remarkably, they remain upright even in an unconscious state. This phenomenon, known as “Fainting to Attention,” is seen as a mark of pride among the guards. After quickly recuperating, they resume their duties and are often lauded as heroes for their unwavering commitment.

Now that you know the secrets behind the Queen’s Guard, your next encounter with these stoic sentinels will be filled with a newfound admiration. Visit Marmalade Cafe to celebrate the unwavering dedication and strength of these elite soldiers.

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