Eight O’clock Coffee Review

[spoiler title=’Click here to read the transcript. ‘ style=’default’ collapse_link=’true’]- Wake me up it’s time for eight o’clock.

– So today we are reviewing Eight O’clock coffee’s French roast, which is supposed to be robust, smokey, and complex.

– And nonjudgmental.

– Unlike the French. So, yeah so a hundred percent arabica coffee, sorry.

– Mhm.

– Not much else to say about it except for they have been in business for quite some time.

– Yeah.

– 1849 I believe.

– It’s a brand everybody knows.

– Yes, very well known brand. It was a brand that we loved back when we first started trying brands other than Folgers, cause Folgers was our go to for years, and then we kinda just started exploring coffee and then

– We said let’s splurge and get the Eight O’clock coffee.

– Speaking of price, we paid like $7.49 a bag for this, and it’s a 12 ounce bag. Although you can get it cheaper other places probably, I bought it at Publix, but yeah.

– We’ve had other French roast coffees before and other Eight O’Clock coffees before, right? And I don’t remember the other French roast coffees

– Yeah.

– In order to compare it to.

– Yeah, yeah.

– But we’ll let this one stand alone then let you know how many donuts we give it.

– Right, yeah, so ready to taste it?

– Yeah, let’s get right into it.

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– It does say that it’s strictly high grown.

– That means above 5,400 feet or 4,400 feet.

– Yeah I can’t remember

– The owner of Lake 503 coffee, which we reviewed a couple of their coffees, fantastic coffee by the way, explained to us what strictly high grown means, and we have that somewhere I just don’t have it off the top of my head.

– Brian Pleitez is his name.

– Yes.

– And so, this coffee does come from Latin America, and East Africa, so like they use a bunch of different beans to get their French roast.

– Right.

– So the question is

– I wonder what makes it classified as French roast.

– I think it’s because of the darkness, it’s like a really dark roast.

– Mm.

– Okay, so

– It does have flavor.

– It does have flavor, little bit bitter.

– Bitter flavor, yeah.

– Little bit bitter. Not unenjoyableyso, but so this past week we’ve been drinking both this and the Donut Shop New England and so whenever I would make myself coffee I would go for this coffee over that one. It’s two totally different coffees, but I enjoy this one okay.

– Yeah.

– For the price that we paid for it I wouldn’t buy it again, but if it was cheaper, you know.

– Yeah, it’s a little dark for me, meaning it’s I think a little bitter.

– But I kinda enjoy just a slight bitterness. Just a littleto the coffee.

– Mhm

– Yeah, it’s pretty good, I’d say.

– Yeah.

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– I’d give it like a solid three.

– Okay, that’s what I was gonna say.

– Yeah, like a solid three, I mean, yeah. Because of the price, if it was cheaper coffee then I might say, you know, three and a half.

– Mhm, yeah. Well you should also check out our other Eight O’clock coffee reviews and our other French roast reviews.

– Yes.

– And our other dark roast reviews.

– Yes

– But let us know in the comments if you like Eight O’clock, if you have a certain affinity for their brand

– Yeah

– Or if there’s

– If there’s a roast that you particularly like let us know, we always like when people recommend things, I mean we don’t always have the same opinion of it, but we do appreciate those comments ’cause we like to know like different things to try and

– Mhm

– You know, and what you guys think about it. ‘Cause certainly we’re not the experts, you guys.

– No, we are only experts of our own mouths.

– Yeah, everybody is their own expert of their own mouth.

– Right. Well do you have anything else to add about this other than the fact that my voice just cracked?

– No I do not.

– Alright. Well thanks for joining us everybody. And until next time.

– Keep grindin’.

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Brand: Eight O’Clock Roast: French Price per pound: $9.99 Flavors we detected / other notes: Bitter Overall rating: Would we buy it again? No, not at the normal price

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