Drinking Coffee Through A Straw

Can you live without your morning coffee?

Don’t worry; we aren’t here to lecture you about caffeine addictions. We only want to protect your teeth!

When looking for ways to keep your teeth brighter and whiter, you may be told to drink acidic drinks – like coffee – through a straw. The effectiveness of this seemingly nifty tip, however, is highly debated. Some dentists say that drinking through a straw helps to reduce contact between your teeth and the coffee, reducing the risk of staining. Others say it’s a wasted effort and can end up causing adverse effects, such as wrinkles. Here, we’ll tell you whether drinking coffee with a straw really helps prevent staining and provide you with some alternative stain-preventing options.

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Drinking Coffee Through a Straw: Does It Really Help?

Picture yourself drinking through a straw. Where is the straw positioned in your mouth? in front of your teeth? resting on your tongue? toward the back of your mouth? Unless the straw you’re using is making friends with your tonsils, the liquid coming through it is likely coming in contact with your teeth. Think of it this way: if you can taste the coffee, it’s touching your teeth.

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That said, if you hold the straw behind your front teeth, and don’t slosh your coffee around too much before swallowing, using a straw could reduce staining on your front teeth. Your molars, however, will still be fully exposed to the acidity.

So, is drinking your coffee through a straw really worth the trouble?


But it depends on how you do it, and either way, it’s probably not going to help that much. However, if you’re trying to actually enjoy the taste of your delicious caffeinated beverage instead of simply sucking it back, your teeth are probably no more protected than they would be when you sip your coffee normally.

Other Ways to Prevent Tooth Staining

So, drinking your coffee through a straw may not actually be the stain-preventing miracle it’s cracked up to be. But you don’t have to give up your fix just yet. There are plenty of other tricks you can use to keep your teeth sparkling that won’t send you into caffeine withdrawals. Here are a few:

Drink water after coffee: After finishing your venti-nonfat-soy-hazelnut-macchiato (or whatever coffee/espresso beverage suits your fancy), wash it down with a tall glass of water. The water will help rinse away whatever has stuck to your teeth to reduce the risk of staining.

Brush your teeth: Even better than drinking a glass of water after coffee is brushing your teeth. Just finished your mid-workday caffeine boost? Sneak off to the restroom and give your teeth a thorough brushing.

Don’t smoke: If you’re a smoker, coffee is the least of your worries when it comes to tooth staining. Plain and simple: tobacco stains your teeth.

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See your dentist regularly: There’s nothing like a professional cleaning to get your teeth clean and healthy. During a cleaning, your dentist will give your teeth and gums a deep cleaning, removing hardened on plaque and tartar.

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