Does Wawa Sell Coffee Beans?

Have you ever wondered if Wawa sells coffee beans? Well, you’re in luck because today we’re going to unveil the secrets behind Wawa’s beloved coffee. Mayor Jim Kenney himself is a big fan of Wawa’s coffee, calling it the best ever and the perfect start to the day. So, what makes Wawa’s coffee so special? Let’s find out!

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Wawa: A Beloved Corporate Citizen

Before we dive into the details about Wawa’s coffee, it’s worth mentioning that Philadelphia couldn’t ask for a better corporate citizen. Wawa’s commitment to the city is unquestionable, and Mayor Jim Kenney himself has praised the chain for its cleanliness and dedication to the community.

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Wawa’s Return to the Urban Center

After a temporary slump in the late 2000s, Wawa is now making a strong comeback. The convenience chain, ranked as America’s favorite last year, is expanding its presence in the urban center. The flagship store at Broad and Walnut, which was initially considered a trial store, turned out to be a massive success. And this is just the beginning!

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Introducing the New Wawa Store

Next up on the agenda is the opening of a new Wawa store at 1900 Market Street. This store will be one of the largest Wawas anywhere, covering an impressive 7,000 square feet. With 25 bar seats, it will offer a spacious and comfortable environment for customers to enjoy their favorite Wawa treats.

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Wawa: The Brewed Coffee Capital of Philly

If you’re a coffee lover in Philadelphia, chances are you’ve had your fair share of Wawa coffee. According to a StudyLogic report cited by Wawa’s PR director Lori Bruce, Wawa is the top purveyor of brewed coffee by volume in Philly. With an average of 195 million cups of coffee sold every year, it’s no wonder Wawa has become a household name in the city.

The Science and Art of Wawa Coffee

Wawa treats coffee as both an art and a science. The journey of Wawa’s coffee beans starts with a team of in-house specialists who travel to coffee-producing countries to source the finest beans. These beans are then roasted somewhere in the tri-state area, ground, and portioned into vacuum-sealed foil packs for shipment to stores.

The Daybrighteners and Their Coffee Bar Makeover

Wawa associates who open stores and prepare the morning coffee are affectionately referred to as “daybrighteners.” They play a crucial role in maintaining Wawa’s vibrant company culture. In 2010, Wawa underwent a coffee bar makeover, bidding farewell to the days of glass coffee pots and embracing colorfully decorated, thermally-insulated airpots.

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Constant Innovation and Attention to Detail

Wawa’s engineering operations team dedicates a significant amount of time to studying coffee service. They have a specialized research facility at corporate headquarters and conduct field studies to ensure the best coffee experience for customers. The team focuses on optimizing the “brew island” and the “brew cell,” ensuring efficiency and convenience for both customers and store associates.

Taking on Starbucks

Wawa is not afraid to go head-to-head with coffee giant Starbucks. Many Wawa stores now offer hand-pulled espresso drinks, including cappuccinos and caramel-salted lattes, all made using Swiss-made machines. Ordering is a breeze with the touchscreen system, and customers can customize their drinks with an extensive range of flavors and styles.

So, the next time you’re in Philadelphia and craving a cup of Joe, look no further than Wawa. They are not only a beloved corporate citizen, but also the go-to destination for delicious and carefully crafted coffee. Join the legions of Wawa coffee enthusiasts and start your day the Wawa way!

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