Does Philz Coffee Have Food

Updated February 2023! If you’re a coffee lover searching for a delightful dairy-free experience, then look no further than Philz Coffee. This beloved coffeehouse, recommended to me by my good friend Hannah, has gained popularity for its exceptional Mint Mojito Iced Coffee. Starting in the Bay Area, Philz Coffee has expanded its reach with locations throughout California and in major cities like Chicago and D.C. So, let’s explore their extensive range of dairy-free beverages and food options.


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Philz Coffee: A Haven for Dairy-Free Drink Options

At Philz Coffee, you can customize your own vegan lattes and mochas with their dairy-free almond milk, soymilk (vanilla), and oat milk alternatives. The best part? Philz Coffee doesn’t charge extra for these milk substitutes, unlike many other coffee chains. However, their coffee is so outstanding that you might find yourself savoring it black on occasion.

But wait! Let’s clarify a common misconception. Although Philz Coffee is incredibly accommodating, it isn’t an entirely dairy-free coffee chain. In 2020, they discontinued 2% milk due to low demand, but they still offer nonfat milk, whole milk, and cream. So, if you’re seeking a dairy-free experience, Philz Coffee has got you covered.

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Philz Coffee takes a refreshing approach by not using syrups or toppings. Each cup is handcrafted using a unique pour-over method. When you visit their online menu, you’ll find tasting notes associated with each coffee blend. These notes represent the natural flavors you can expect to savor, similar to experiencing different notes in a fine wine. Exceptionally, their Philtered Soul blend does contain an artificial hazelnut flavoring.

When it comes to customization, Philz Coffee offers a wide array of options. Start by selecting a blend, and then choose if you’d like to add any creamer (check out the milk beverage alternatives mentioned earlier) or sweetener. Their sweetener choices include brown sugar, equal, sweet n low, splenda, stevia, or honey. Additionally, don’t miss their “Featured Creations” section on the menu, where you’ll find specialty options with unique flavors like their famous Mint Mojito Iced Coffee and Iced Coffee Rosé (available in an oat-milk version for dairy-free coffee lovers).

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From Bean to Cup to Your Home

Philz Coffee goes beyond being a simple coffee shop. They manage the entire production chain, starting from sourcing beans globally to roasting them at their Oakland, California, roasting plant. Each order is meticulously brewed “one cup at a time.” Their custom blends consist of two to seven different beans from around the world, including single origin coffees and seasonal blends. You can even purchase their custom coffee blends, tea, and spices in-store. For those who can’t visit a physical location, fear not! Philz Coffee offers online ordering as well as gift and coffee subscription services.

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Philz Coffee Dairy-Free & Vegan Food Selection

While the dairy-free food options at Philz Coffee have become more limited in recent years, they still provide a delightful selection at all their locations. Their Handmade Food can be custom ordered nationwide. However, please note that other sandwiches and baked goods sold regionally are sourced from local businesses, making modifications impossible.

Here is a glimpse of their dairy-free and vegan food options:

Philz Handmade Food (Available at all locations)

  • Almond Butter & Jam Toast (contains wheat, tree nuts)
  • Avocado Energy Bowl (order without egg for vegan) (contains egg, wheat)
  • Mediterranean Avocado & Egg Toast (order without egg for vegan) (contains egg, wheat)
  • Protein Energy Bowl (order without egg for vegan) (contains egg, wheat)

Bay Area & Sacramento Regional Food

  • Plant-Powered Sandwich (contains wheat)
  • Everything Bagel (contains wheat)
  • Plain Bagel (contains wheat)
  • Vegan Pumpkin Slice (contains wheat)

Southern California Regional Food

  • Plant-Powered Sandwich (contains wheat)
  • Bran Muffin (contains egg, wheat)
  • Everything Bagel (contains soy, wheat)
  • Plain Bagel (contains soy, wheat)
  • Sugar & Spice Vegan Donut (contains soy, wheat)

Chicago Regional Food

  • Plant-Powered Sandwich (contains wheat)
  • Everything Bagel (contains wheat)
  • Plain Bagel (contains wheat)

D.C. Regional Food

  • Plant-Powered Sandwich (contains wheat)
  • Cranberry Vanilla Vegan Scone (contains soy, wheat)
  • Morning Glory Vegan Muffin (contains wheat)

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Important Information

Please note that menus, ingredients, kitchen procedures, management, food sourcing, and restaurant protocols can change at any time. Always review the menu and discuss your dietary requirements with the staff before placing an order to ensure they can accommodate your needs. Cross-contamination of allergens is always a possibility in commercial kitchens, so it’s advisable to speak with the manager to ensure the safe preparation of your meal. This post is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as advice.

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Keep in mind that each location of a chain restaurant operates differently, with varying management, staff, and sometimes different owners. Therefore, processes, ingredients, menu options, and food sourcing can differ. Always verify the safety and suitability of your order based on your individual needs and the current location.


Discover Philz Coffee Near You

Philz Coffee has numerous shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Chicago, and Washington D.C. For addresses and hours, visit the Marmalade Cafe website.

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