Does Pbr Hard Coffee Have Caffeine

It’s the end of White Claw summer 2019, and we’re slowly saying goodbye to the era of hard seltzers. But fear not, because a new trend is quietly emerging in the alcohol world: hard coffee. This intriguing combination of caffeine and alcohol is capturing the attention of both coffee lovers and partygoers alike.

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What is hard coffee?

Hard coffee falls under the category of flavored malt beverages, just like hard seltzers and hard sodas. These drinks typically contain an alcohol base made with malt, mixed with cold brew coffee or coffee extract, sugar, and sometimes additional flavorings like vanilla or chocolate. Some popular contenders in the hard coffee market include Bad Larry’s Cold Hard Coffee, PBR’s sweet and milky version, and La Colombe’s premium varieties brewed with Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans.

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Why is hard coffee gaining popularity?

The rise of hard coffee can be attributed to the increasing demand for cold coffee products. As Americans continue to embrace chilled coffee, breweries and distilleries are eager to offer innovative and healthier alcoholic beverage options. With the beer industry experiencing a decline in sales, these companies are looking for new ways to stay relevant in the ever-changing market.

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Is mixing caffeine and alcohol safe?

You might remember the infamous Four Loko incident of 2010 when caffeine-laden alcoholic drinks caused hospitalizations and even deaths. In response, several brands in the hard coffee market have made sure to keep the caffeine levels below 50 mg per serving, which is less than a shot of espresso. While it’s still unclear whether consuming hard coffee can lead to increased risks, manufacturers are taking precautions to avoid a repeat of history.

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What does hard cold brew taste like?

As the hard coffee trend is still relatively new, reviews are limited. However, the initial feedback has been positive. PBR’s Hard Coffee has received surprisingly glowing reviews, with tasters describing it as a sweet and boozy version of the beloved childhood drink, Yoo-hoo. La Colombe’s Vanilla Hard Cold Brew offers a balanced flavor between sweetness and the more robust Black flavor. However, not all hard coffees have been as well-received, with some brands like Bad Larry’s receiving mixed feedback.

When should I drink hard coffee?

While the traditional mindset dictates that coffee is for mornings and alcohol is for evenings, hard coffee breaks those boundaries. It’s a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed throughout the day. For the day-drinkers, hard coffee adds a new dimension to their routine. But for most people, it will likely be reserved for weekends or special occasions. Whether you’re sipping it during brunch or tailgating, hard coffee provides a unique and refreshing alternative to the standard drink options.

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